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Tuition & Fees

Tuition is charged according to the number of semester hours carried by the student. Classified students, unclassified students, and auditors pay the same tuition.

Per Credit
Resident $ 131.00
Nonresident $ 345.00
Pacific Isle Institution Non-Resident Exception $ 196.50


  All students
Student Activity Fee* $1.50/credit up to a max of 10 credits or $15
Student Government Fee* $1/credit up to a max of 10 credits or $10
Publications Fee* $5
Late Registration Fees $30.00
Add/Drop Fee: Online free
Add/Drop Fee: In-person $5.00

*These revised Student Activity, Student Government, and Publication fees are effective for Fall 2014
for EHI students and Fall 2015 for WHI students.


Summer Per Credit
Resident $ 248
Nonresident $ 357


Summer only All students
Late Registration Fees $10
Add/Drop Fee: Online free
Add/Drop Fee: In-person $5.00


How and When to Pay

All tuition and fees are to be paid in accordance with published deadlines and payment procedures. Registration will temporarily reserve your classes. With payment of tuition and fees, classes are made official. Failure to pay by the published deadlines may result in cancellation of your registration. VISA, MasterCard, debit cards, or electronic checks (eChecks) are accepted for tuition payments made online. Only checks, money orders, and cash will be accepted in-person at the Business Office at Bldg. 397 in Hilo on the Manono Campus (934-2740) or, at the UH Center at West Hawai'i (969-8812). Make checks or money orders payable to: Hawaiʻi Community College, identified with your name and UH number.

If you register but later decide to not complete coursework at HawCC, you are responsible to drop your classes. Your classes will not be dropped for you unless the instructor exercises the No Show Policy. Students who are enrolled after the withdrawal deadline are obligated to pay any unpaid tuition balances, regardless of their attendance record. Tuition and refund policies apply.

Dishonored checks: An additional fee of $25.00 will be assessed for any check returned for any cause.  After 3 returned checks, the university will not accept another check as a form of payment for both in-person and online transactions.

Your receipt becomes an official verification of your registration and payment. If payments were made online, print your "Account Summary."

Tuition Payment Plan

An installment plan is available to students who cannot pay in full by the published deadline. A $30 non-refundable plan fee is charged per student per semester to participate. For more info, log into your MyUH Portal account.

Financial Aid Information

For information, contact the Financial Aid Office, Building 379A on Manono Campus, or call 934-2712. Students receiving scholarships should notify the Financial Aid Office (FAO).

To request financial aid for Distance Education classes, apply early and inform the FAO of your interest in DE classes. Aid eligibility is determined as if you were taking the class in a regular classroom. Students taking DE classes from other campuses must have at least 1 course offered by HawCC to be eligible for financial aid. Per federal regulations, federal financial aid awards issued through HawCC can pay for HawCC tuition/fees only. Students enrolled in classes at another campus must pay that campus directly. Any award balance, after HawCC charges are paid will be for the student to use toward other educational expenses.

Tuition Refund Policy

Any refund can be directly deposited into a savings or checking account. To do so, students must first sign up for eRefund through the MyUH Portal at

Payments by a Third Party Sponsoring Agency

If your tuition is being paid by a third party sponsoring agency, (e.g. Alu Like, Vocational Rehabilitation, Armed forces branch, etc.) a letter of financial guarantee, purchase order, or authorization letter from your sponsor must be submitted to the Business Office by the payment deadline. You are also responsible to pay the remaining tuition and/or fees by the appropriate payment deadline.

If the Business Office does not receive a letter or purchase order from your sponsor, you must pay for your own tuition and fees. If you paid for your tuition/fees and then the sponsor sends payment, the Business Office will process a refund. If the sponsor does not pay for the tuition and fees as authorized by their letter or purchase order, the obligation may become the responsibility of the student.

Refunds for Withdrawals

Any refund can be directly deposited into a checking or savings account by signing up for eRefund through the MyUH Portal

Fees: No fees refunds unless a complete withdrawal is made by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, of the second week of instruction.

Tuition: The guidelines below will be used to determine the dates for tuition refunds.

  • Semester Length Classes: 
    last day for 100% refund:
    last day for 50% refund:
    Please see the academic calendar
  • Partial-semester classes:
    check with HawCC's Business Office
  • Summer classes withdrawal timelines differ, please check with the HawCC's Business Office or Admissions & Records Office

NOTE: Financial aid recipients may be subject to a federal refund policy as required by federal regulations. Financial aid recipients may have all or part of their refund returned to Title IV program(s). Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.