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Hawai‘i Community College Care Team

If you need to report an emergency, call 911.
If you need Hawai'i CC Campus Security call:
Manono Campus: 808-854-1420
Upper Campus: 808-974-7911
Pālamanui Campus: 808-640-6515

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Vision: An open, supportive campus community where the well being of our Kauhale is prioritized.
Mission: The mission of the Hawai'i Community College CARE Team is to promote a safe, healthy and respectful environment for our Kauhale.

Care Team Purpose

The safety and success of students at Hawaiʻi CC is of critical importance to all of us. To this end, Hawaiʻi CC has developed a team whose central mission is to provide early identification of at-risk behaviors that impact one's ability to be successful and safe on campus. The team receives concerns from the larger community and then ensures that the individual is connected with the appropriate resources. The team works collaboratively and proactively to provide early intervention and assistance to any member of the Kauhale who needs help.

The CARE Team accepts and encourages referrals from anyone connected to Hawaiʻi CC directly or indirectly, including students, faculty, staff, friends, family, and community members.

Examples of At-Risk Behaviors

At-risk behaviors may be academic, physical, behavioral, emotional, or social, for example, threatening others, intoxication, suicidal talk, bizarre or disruptive behavior, or significant deterioration in academic work. Behaviors requiring referral include but are not limited to the following:

  • Frequent interruption of the professor and asking non-relevant, off-topic questions
  • Use of alcohol or other substances in class
  • Racist or sexist comments or other fixated thoughts
  • Bullying or threatening others
  • Sudden and prolonged absence from class
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Throwing objects or slamming doors
  • Arrogant, rude, or objectifying language
  • Psychotic, delusional, or rambling speech or writing
  • Disrespectful talk or behavior

How to Make Referrals to the Care Team

You may make a referral to the Care Team by completing the online reporting form or by sending an email to When referrals are received, the Care Team will assess the situation and develop a supportive intervention plan to help the community member and avoid crisis.

Care Team Members

The following are the members of the Care Team:
Dean for Liberal Arts and Public Services
Safety & Security Chief
Counselor, Manono
Counselor, Manono
Counselor, Pālamanui
Mental Health Therapist

If you need to report an emergency, call 911.
If you need Hawai'i CC Campus Security call:
Manono Campus: 808-854-1420
Upper Campus: 808-974-7911
Palamanui Campus: 808-640-6515