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West Hawai'i Class


Courses for the Hawai'i Community College Associate of Science in Nursing (Registered Nurse) are offered through Hawai'i Community College - Pālamanui (formerly the University of Hawai'i Center at West Hawai‘i). Subject to adequate interest, available space, and sufficient faculty a nursing class will be admitted every Fall. The 30 credits of pre and co requisite courses for the nursing program are offered prior to the acceptance of each first year nursing class. Consult the schedule of courses for Hawai'i Community College's current offerings at Hawai‘i CC Pālamanui.

Students interested in the nursing program should be aware of the admission requirements. Admission information for the nursing program is found in the Hawai'i Community College 2017-2018 General Catalogue or at the Division of Nursing and Allied Health Admission Information Page in the menu on the right.

If you have questions or wish to speak with a nursing advisor, call the Nursing Office in Hilo (808) 934-2650, West Hawai‘i Nursing Faculty Kathleen Kotecki (808) 969-8850 or a West Hawai‘i Counselor at (808) 969-8816.