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Faculty and staff awards announced at year-end events

In the spirit of E 'Imi Pono (Seeking Excellence), Hawai'i Community College recognizes the outstanding accomplishments and dedication of faculty and staff with awards that are announced at the end of each academic year.








Erick Cremer, Assistant Professor

As the Nursing Learning Resource Center instructor for the HawCC Simulation Laboratory, Erick Cremer provides an engaging learning enviroment for our students to become experienced, nurturing nurses. Erick is described by many of his students as an indispensable guide on their academic journey. He's creative, approachable and dedicated to the academic success of each student. Along with his excellent teaching, he provides math tutoring, delivers academic and career counseling, leads nursing skill workshops and conducts outreach in the community.









Darnette Gali, Office Assistant for the Counseling, Advising and Support Services Center

Darnette Gali is described by her colleagues as the backbone of the department, demonstrating tenacity, flexibility and patience. She embodies the "open door policy," welcoming anyone who requires assistance. When Darnette was out for a period of time, her office truly felt the impact of her absence. She mentors others, always fills in when other personnel are not unavailable, learns and embraces new technology and incorporates it into day-to-day functions. The Counseling Unit is able to operate efficiently because of Darnette Gali.









Dr. Christina Hoffmann, Science Lecturer

Dr. Christina Hoffmann is an outstanding lecturer noted for her excellence in teaching and commitment to student success. Her students say that information is presented in a way that is understandable. She takes adequate time to explain topics and concepts, encouraging the students to learn more about the land and world around them. She is passionate about the subject, and her teaching methods have stirred-up an atmosphere of critical thinking in the classroom. Dr. Hoffmann goes beyond the duties of a lecturer by volunteering in service/community-based projects, doing presentations and participating on committees at Pālamanui.









Susan Olsen, Interim Financial Aid Manager

Susan Olsen exhibits a firm belief in customer service and always has the students' best interests in mind. In order to give students every opportunity to succeed, she puts a great deal of time and energy into reassessing office policy and procedures. Susan has opened the Financial Aid appeal process, so that students who have been denied Financial Aid be given a chance to plead their case.  This member of our Kauhale has worked tirelessly to build a knowledge base to ensure the office continues to function well. Despite working long dedicated hours and through the weekends, her optimism and care for staff and students never wavers. 









Mari Giel, Counselor







Christine Quintana, Counselor

Co-awardees Mari Giel and Christine Quintana did an outstanding, labor-intensive job in creating and implementing the Starfish MySuccess Program at Hawai'i CC. The program was to be implemented in the Fall of 2014. They started preparation in Fall 2013, attending a UHCC system-wide training, and eventually formed a campus advisory group. Christine Quintana serves as the functional and technical lead, providing direction, support, guidance and training for the campus. She also confirgures the construction of MySuccess and facilitates the campus MySuccess advisory group. Mari Giel serves as a technician and has helped build the MySuccess site for the Career and Job Development Center and the Hale Kea Testing Center. They implemented modifications to MySuccess so the program met the CASSC's scheduling and reporting needs, and tailored the surveys to meet Hawai'i CC's need in identifying the at-risk students.








Ho‘olulu Council

Members of the 2016-2017 Ho'olulu Council earned the Chancellor A 'ali'i Award. The Ho'olulu Council's mission is to honor, empower and advance Native Hawaiian people, the culture and language through excellence in higher education. The Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor regarding issues, programs and policies that affect Native Hawaiians at Hawai'i CC and in the UH System as a whole. Chancellor Rachel Solemsaas said she is "blessed to have the guidance of the Council."

During the year, the Council leads our efforts in providing capacity to translate official publications into the Native Hawaiian language, jointly plan and organize Hawaiian cultural events, engage civilly and respectfully with members in the community and students with regards to Hawaiian cultural protocols and practices.

Ho'olulu Council Members: Kuulei Kanahele-Chair, Dorinna Manuel-Cortez, , Pele Kaio, Ken Kaleiwahea, Raynette Haleamau-Kam, Pearla Haalilio, Kawehi Nguyen, Ken "Marty" Fletcher, Monica Burnett, Sherise Tiogangco, Larissa Leslie, Sandy Claveria, Donna Madrid, Sam Giordanengo, Melany Ayudan, Lori Flores, Ian Pilago, Elizabeth Shaver, Blossom Lincoln-Maielua, Will Tehero, Deseree Salvador.