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Student Activities


Student Activities

Hawaiʻi Community College students pay a student activity fee based on the number of in-person credits in which they are enrolled in the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Per University of Hawaiʻi’s Executive Policy 6.208 Mandatory Student Fees this fee is used to “foster a vibrant student life and to promote a unique and enriching student educational experience…through a diversity of co-curricular student programs, activities, and services.”

Hawaiʻi CC’s Student Activities Council is undergoing restructuring. In the interim, per Executive Policy 6.208 Mandatory Student Fees, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is responsible for the financial management of the funds within the Student Activity Fees account and reviews all student activity fees funding requests. Only those requests that include consultation with and directly benefit students are approved.


Summary of the Student Activity Accounts Expenditures

Note: To view previous expenditures, please visit the Student Activities Expenditure Archive.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (as of 3/31/21)
Spent $1,996.70 $262.40 1
808 Diesel RISO Club T-shirts $282.92 $7.66
Food Distribution $797.91 -
Kau Waʻa copy machine $744.10 $254.74
Student Recognition certificates postage (due to COVID) $171.77 -
Spent $0.00 $0.00


  1. Encumbrance closed