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Service Learning Program

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Welcome to the Service Learning Program at Hawai’i Community College.

The Service Learning Program works together with students, faculty and community partners to encourage learning experiences outside of the classroom, and promote the restoration of the native Hawaiian environment for future generations.

Hawai'i, the most isolated archipelago in the world, has over 10,000 species of plants and animals found no where else on the planet. Conservation and resource management of the forests also means the health of the ocean!

What is Service Learning?

Service-learning is a teaching method which combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility. Service-learning programs involve students in organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community.
-Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges

Benefits of Student Learning

  • Greater interpersonal development, particularly the ability to work well with others, and build leadership and communication skills
  • Improved social responsibility and citizenship skills
  • Connections with professionals and community members for learning and career opportunities
  • Stronger relationships with faculty
  • Improved course retention and graduation rates

Life, Learning, Community: Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching tool that enhances course content, student learning and serves community needs. It bridges the gap between coarse work and civic engagement. Students explore career options, engage critical thinking skills, work in teams, and experience personal and professional development.

Many studies have been conducted about service-learning in higher education. Research indicates that:

  • Course content can be applied to hands-on learning experiences in all disciplines.
  • Reflection is critical to service-learning. Reflection is thinking about a service experience in order to connect the service experience and the course material.
  • Positive impact on academic outcomes such as problem analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking, and cognitive development
  • Service Learning connects faculty across disciplines through a shared approach to teaching

Hawai’i Community College Service Learning Program is committed to helping students make a difference by encouraging students to get out in the field with hands-on learning projects that focus on the the Native Hawaiian environment and the critical issues facing the Hawaiian ecosystem.

Our mission is to prepare students to become active citizens, and we would like to ask for your assistance in helping to achieve this. Please contact us to become a community partner!

Service Learning Community Partners

  • Friends of Amy B.H. Greenwell Garden
  • Hawai’i State Parks
  • Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park
  • Hawai’i Wildlife Fund
  • Office of Mauna Kea Management
  • Palamanui Trail , Kailua-Kona
  • Pohaha I Ka Lani/ Waipi’o Valley
  • Pono Pacific/ Akoakoa, Kohala
  • UHH Botanical Garden- Don Hemmes
  • Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative