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Check Residency Status


    Your residency status determines what tuition rate is applied when you register for classes. Check your residency status using the STAR GPS Registration system.

    • To access the STAR GPS Registration system, users can either go directly to the URL at and log in using the MyUH username and password. Or, access STAR through the  MyUH Services Portal. After logging in, click on your name in the top right corner. A pop-up screen will appear with student information, and you will be able to view residency status. 


    If you believe that your residency status is not accurate or incomplete (missing documents to determine your status), please contact the Admissions & Records Office as soon as possible (808) 934-2710.  Important note: To update your residency status you must submit any required information/documentation before the first day of instruction.

    Report any discrepancies on your student record to the Admissions and Records Office at Manono Campus, Bldg 378 or Office of Student Services – Pālamanui at Elama Bldg .

    No Information (Non-Resident):

    This means there is insufficient information to accurately determine your residency status, and you will be charged at the non-resident tuition rate until your status can be determined. To update your residency status, you must submit any requested information/documentation prior to the first day of instruction for the term.

    Please contact the Admissions & Records Office at (808) 934-2710 for assistance.

    IMPORTANT: THE FINANCIAL AID ADMIT REQUIREMENT IS NOT SATISFIED UNTIL YOUR RESIDENCY STATUS IS DETERMINED. This means if you applied for financial aid, your application will remain in pending status until your residency status is determined.

    "6 Credit Rule" for Non-Resident Students (Including N/R Exempt) at All UH Campuses

    Non-resident students who enter any campus of the University of Hawaiʻi may not satisfy the twelve-month durational requirement during any period in which the nonresident student:

    • is enrolled for six (6) credits or more at nay post-secondary institution in Hawaii;
    • was absent from Hawaiʻi for more than 30 days per year during school vacation periods;
    • received student financial assistance based on residency in another state; or
    • was a dependent of nonresident parent(s) or legal guardian.

    This policy is in accordance with Chapter 20-4-8, Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules:

    Presence in Hawaiʻi primarily to attend an institution of higher learning shall not create resident status.

    A nonresident student shall be presumed to be in Hawaii primarily to attend an institution of higher learning…Continued presence in Hawaii during vacation periods and occasional periods of interruption of the course of study shall not itself overcome this presumption.

    Should you have any questions about the "6-credit rule", please contact the Admissions & Records Office at (808) 934-2710.

    N/R Exempt Spc Talent

    Effective Fall 2014, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA) and the Chancellor have approved a pilot program which allows Hawaiʻi island high school graduates who matriculate at Hawaii Community College for the Fall semester immediately following graduation to do so paying the resident tuition rate. The VCSA and the Chancellor have also approved the practice of allowing all early admit students to pay the resident tuition rate. These practices are applied at Hawaiʻi Community College, only.

    A residency status of N/R Exempt Spc Talent means that your status should be non-resident, however, an exception has been made at Hawaiʻi Community College due to the above mentioned practices. Your residency status informs other UH campuses that your residency status should be review if you change your home institution from Hawaii Community College to another UH institution.

    Your residency status allows you to pay the resident tuition rate for as long as you maintain an active status and your home campus remains Hawaii Community College. If there is a break in your enrollment or if you change your home institution, you will need to establish your residency status with your new institution.