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Hawai‘i Community College is pleased to announce that two faculty members are the recipients of Wo Learning Champion awards for 2018.

Rebecca Jacobs, English instructor at Hawai‘i CC in Hilo, received the Change Agent award. Richard Stevens, Humanities lecturer at Hawai‘i CC – Palamanui, received the Community Building Award.

Jacobs’ Change Agent award was for “Indigenized English at Hawai‘i Community College.” The reviewers noted especially how the pedagogy has made a significant impact on students and across disciplines, changing the perceptions of English on the campus; as well as how the place-based learning and incorporation of wahi panato include Hawaiian perspectives shows clear investment in researching the Hawaiian components and changes the perceptions of what an English class can be. Data showed it improved students’ perceptions of why they succeeded, and that they would take other classes at the campus.

Stevens’ Community Building Award was for “Restoring Kona: Native Tree Planting and Ancient Trail Restoration." The reviewers were impressed by how the program brought in a wide cross-section of the community to help with the planting, taking ownership of the area. Diverse participants include church groups, community members, and children. By using the campus as a locus for the community and giving away trees to perpetuate the activity, the program perpetuates the investment of the college and participants.