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Hawai'i CC Launches TalkCampus Wellness App, Shares Other Mental Health Resources

Hawai‘i Community College is pleased to announce the launch of the TalkCampus app, which is an online global mental health support network available 24/7.

Students often face a variety of challenges even under normal circumstances, but the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic may create added difficulties.

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Hawai‘i CC offers mental wellness services through its Mental Wellness and Personal Development Service, which students who would like assistance are encouraged to utilize. The TalkCampus app serves as an additional service that allows students access to instant, online support at any time of the day. TalkCampus uses peer support where users are encouraged to give and get support, supplemented by student peer supporters who are recruited, trained and managed by TalkCampus.

Peer support is an effective and evidenced mechanism to support people with anxiety, depression, addiction and many other mental health issues. Participating in peer support has been linked to:

● An increased ability to cope

● A greater sense of wellbeing & resilience

● Higher levels of self esteem and confidence

Members can share anonymously or via a username. TalkCampus does not encourage members to use real names or full names. Personal or private information is quickly removed through moderation systems.

TalkCampus uses machine learning and paid safeguarding teams to monitor in real time and launch interventions when required. If they detect that members are in a crisis, they can launch platform interventions and escalate in real time.

Students who want to use TalkCampus should visit the Hawaii CC TalkCampus web page, download the app and sign up using their email address. You can read details of the TalkCampus privacy policy here.

For questions contact Hawaii CC Mental Health Therapist Kate DeSoto at Phone: (808) 934-2706 or


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