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Student Government

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Student Government

All Hawaiʻi Community College students pay a student government fee based on the number of credits in which they are enrolled in the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Per University of Hawaiʻi’s Executive Policy 6.208 Mandatory Student Fees this fee is used “to encourage and foster student input, voice, and advocacy of the needs, interests, and concerns of students on campus through purposeful participation in institutional governance…and may also support the student government’s sponsorship and funding of pertinent programs, services, and activities.”

ASUH - Hawai'i CC Student Government Officers and Summary of Account(s) Expenditures

Note: To view previous Student Government Officers & Expenditures, please visit the Student Government Officers & Expenditures Archive.


President Helen Nishimoto
Co-Vice President (Manono) Kimberley Stevens-Suguitan
Co-Vice President (Pālamanui) Irma "Kalae" Yonemura
Secretary Cassie Houchin (July-November 2020)
Luis Viegas (November 2020 – present)
Treasurer Shannon Burke (Fall 2020)
Vacant (Spring 2021)
Senator (Manono) Michael Godfrey (June – August 2020)
Larry Kawaauhau (November 2020 – present)
Jeffrey Yamauchi
Senator (Pālamanui) Valerie Belanio (Fall 2020)
Vacant (Spring 2021)
Co-Advisor (Manono) Claudia Wilcox-Boucher (Fall 2020)
Lorianne Fukui-Stoos (July-August 2020)
Naveen Siriah (Spring 2021)
Co-Advisor (Pālamanui) Pearla Haalilio


Spent $11,257.57 $3,575.92
808 Diesel RISO T-shirts $486.71 $13.29
ASUH-SG stipends $8,814.59 -
Disposable masks for students $504.76 -
Domestic Violence Summit - caps $647.91 -
Domestic Violence Summit - masks $667.54 -
Ear buds for students (encumbered) - $2,511.98
Food Basket for food distribution $136.06 $1,063.94



Fiscal Year 2020‐2021 (as of 3/31/21)
Spent $0.00 $0.00