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Electronics Technology

Electronics Technology


This program prepares students for employment in telecommunications, medical electronics, computers, and industrial electronics. The electronic technician fabricates, installs, maintains, and repairs electronic equipment. Students applying to the electronics program should have two years of high school math including geometry or algebra, and two years of high school science including chemistry or physics.

Program Location: Hilo
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Upon successful completion, students are prepared to:

  • Specify, design, build, install, program, operate, troubleshoot, analyze, and modify electronics systems, automated test, and manufacturing control systems.
  • Specify, install, program, operate, troubleshoot, and modify computer systems.
  • Have effective written, interpersonal, presentation, and team building skills.
  • Have the necessary leadership and management skills to effectively complete a project.
  • Have a well-developed sense of work ethics and personal discipline to succeed in their chosen profession.
  • Have attitudes, abilities, and skills required to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and a desire for life-long learning.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Proficiency levels in reading, writing and/or mathematics are required to register for some or all of the Program courses:
Mathematics Math 24 or Math 66
Reading Eng 21 or ESL 21

Bernard Michels, Phone: 934-2686, Email:

A graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, Bernard “Chip” Michels has more than 30 years of experience working in industry as an electronics technician and engineering assistant. Companies and organizations he has worked for include Hughes Aircraft Company; Tucson Electric Power Company; Gemini Observatory; and the County of Hawai‘i Department of Water Supply. Chip's industry experience helps him deliver an Electronics Technology program that is relevant for the current job market.

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at Hawai‘i CC are an integral part of the local community and reflect its day-to-day life. Close cooperation among the faculty, employers, and employees in the community is maintained. One of the most effective formal means of providing for this type of cooperation is the Program Advisory Council. These groups advise their respective programs of training needs and new developments in the field. Councils include employers, alumni, and others knowledgeable about the field.

Electronics Technology Program Advisory Council: 

  • Miles Nagato, Technical Superintendent, HELCO, Inc.
  • James O'Keefe, County of Hawai‘i, Dept. of Water Supply
  • Kevin Owen, Hu Honua Bioenergy LLC
  • Rodrigo Romo, Program Director, Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems
  • Darryl Watanabe, Electronics Technician, Institute for Astronomy
  • John Wong, Verizon Wireless

New equipment and a revised curriculum are among the changes to the Electronics Technology program that are keeping it relevant for today's job market.