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Auto Body Repair & Painting (ABRP)

ABRP Student painting

Program Description

The Auto Body Repair and Painting program offers vocational training to students desiring to gain knowledge, and develop salable skills and attitudes that will qualify them for employment in the auto body repair and painting industry and related occupations. Classroom and hands-on live lab training is provided that represents the current and new technological trends in the industry. The training will also help students progress from entry level work to higher skill levels in the trade. This program also seeks to serve the community by providing job upgrading opportunities for professionals in the field. Graduates have found that completion of the Auto Body Repair and Painting program enables them to get better paying jobs and to advance faster once employed, than others who do not have the benefit of training.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students are prepared to:

  • Demonstrate entry-level knowledge and skills required for the safe operation of tools and equipment necessary to perform repairs on modern automobiles.
  • Apply proper safety procedures and regulated compliance standards applicable to the auto collision and refinish industry.
  • Demonstrate structural panel repair techniques and advanced welding skills.
  • Demonstrate competence in refinish procedures.
  • Employ industry standard operating procedures and repair techniques.
  • Utilize research, communication and problem solving skills to evaluate and operationalize repair tasks.
  • Model professional conduct and practice desirable work habits and attitudes for successful employment in the auto repair industry.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Proficiency levels in reading, writing and/or mathematics are required to register for some or all of the Program courses:
Subject AreaMINIMUM Placement into course
MathematicsMath 22 or Math 50 or QM 120T
ReadingEng 21 or ESL 21

Beginning July 1, 2011, the US Department of Education began requiring colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that "prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation". We hope that this information is helpful to our current students and to prospective students as they make their career and educational choices.

The data includes occupations, placement rates, on-time completion rates, average costs and program median loan debt.

Gainful Employment Disclosure for Auto Body Repair & Painting Certificate of Achievement (CA) Program