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Student Publication Board (SPB)

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Student Publication Board (SPB)

All Hawaiʻi Community College students pay publication fee when they enroll in the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Per University of Hawaiʻi’s Executive Policy 6.208 Mandatory Student Fees, this fee is used “to support and govern student publications such as the campus newspaper, literary magazines, e-publications, other print media, and related student advertising sales and promotions, affording students opportunities to write, edit, design, manage, do art, sell ads, conduct promotions, etc. that inform, educate and/or entertain the campus community.”

Hawaiʻi CC’s Student Publication Board (SPB) was established in the Fall 2020 semester when the student body ratified the Chartered Student Organization’s (CSO) Charter and By-laws. Prior to the establishment of the SPB, per Executive Policy 6.208 Mandatory Student Fees, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs was responsible for the financial management of the funds within the Publication Fees account.

Student Publication Board Members


President Vianka Yowan
Co-Vice President (Manono) Alfred Evangelista Jr.
Co-Vice President (Pālamanui) Vacant
Co-Secretary (Manono) Kai Melendez
Co-Secretary (Pālamanui) Travis Marsh
Treasurer Jeffrey Yamauchi
Co-Advisor Tagi Qolouvaki
Kesha Kubo


Summary of the Student Publication Board Account Expenditures

Note: To view previous expenditures, please visit the Student Publication Board Expenditure Archive.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (as of 3/31/21)
Spent $11,256.95 $0.00
Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License $219.95 -
APCA Virtual National Conference $237.00 -
Student Planners $10,800.00 -