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Transfer Student (from within the Univ. of Hawaii System)

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Are you currently attending another UH System school (UH-Mānoa, UH-Hilo, UH-West O‘ahu or any community college in Hawai‘i)?  If so, then follow these easy steps to change your home institution to Hawai‘i Community College. 

Step 1. Submit the Change of Home Institution Form

The Change of Home Institution Form [PDF] allows us to change your official record to reflect Hawaii CC as your "home institution". Your home institution should be the campus in which you intend on receiving your degree/certificate and any financial support (i.e. financial aid, veterans benefits).


Submit this form via:

  1. Fax (808) 934-2501
  2. In Person:  Admissions & Records Office, Bldg. 378
  3. Mail to:

Admissions & Records Office
Hawai‘i Community College

1175 Manono Street 
Hilo, HI  96720

Step 2: Are you currently receiving Financial Aid or Veterans Benefits?

If you are currently receiving Financial Aid, notify the Financial Aid Office at your current institution that you will be attending Hawaii CC for the next term. You will need to reapply for financial aid through Hawaii CC since financial aid is not transferable.  To do so, access your filed FAFSA on-line and include the school code for Hawai‘i CC (005258).  Contact our Financial Aid Office at (808) 934-2712 if you have any questions. 


If you are receiving Veterans Benefits, notify the VA Coordinator at your current campus that you will be transferring to Hawaii CC. Visit our Admissions & Records Office for required forms to receive aid through Hawaii CC.


By accessing STAR via your MyUH portal, perform a “what if” journey to see how your UH System credits will transfer to Hawai‘i CC programs.  Once admitted, your credits should automatically transfer to Hawai‘i CC.  If for some reason you don’t see the automatic transfer of credits within a month after the semester has started, contact the Admissions & Records Office at (808) 934-2705. 

If you had credits from institutions from outside the UH System transferred in to another UH System school, request for copies of those official transcripts to be sent to the Hawai‘i CC Admissions & Records Office.  Hawai‘i CC will perform a re-evaluation of those credits to determine appropriate equivalencies based on courses offered here. 

Once you are admitted, you’ll receive an acceptance letter via email or by USPS. To take a peek at your next steps in getting started, check out "Get Registered"