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WI Courses offered Academic Year 2017-2018

Writing Intensive Courses offered for Fall 2017

Course alpha, number, and nameInstructorOriginal approval/renewal dates

ENG 204: Creative Writing       

Nelinia Cabiles

Course-level approval

ENG 204: Creative WritingTanya DeanCourse-level approval
FAMR 230: Human DevelopmentElizabeth Shaver2/2016
GEOG 102: World Regional GeographyNan Elmer9/1999; 2/2006; 5/2013
HIST274: Writing Personal HistoryRichard Stevens10/2007; 3/2013
PSY 100: Survey of PsychologyGwynne Pacheco9/2001

PSY 275/HUM 275/AJ 275: Psychology and the Expressive Arts

Trina Nahm-Mijo10/2001; 10/2010
SCI 124L: Introduction to Environmental Science LabIlana Stout9/2016
SOC 251: Introduction to the Sociology of FamilyGwynne Pacheco9/2001
SOC 265: Community DevelopmentNoelie Rodriguez11/2015
WS 151: Women's StudiesLucy Jones2/2012
WS 151: Women's StudiesTrina Nahm-Mijo2/1997; 10/2014
WS 175: History of Gender, Sex, & Sexuality in a Global Perspective, to 1500 CELucy Jones



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