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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is required for all financial aid.


A scholarship is a type of financial aid that is awarded to students for educational expenses based on merit, financial need, or specific requirements that are set by scholarship donors. Unlike loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid. Scholarships come from multiple sources, including the University of Hawai’i (UH) system, local businesses and organizations, and private donors.

To be considered for University of Hawai’i system scholarships, including Hawai’i Community College scholarships, you must submit the FAFSA and the UH System Common Scholarship Application before March 1st each year. System scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, such as financial need, merit, geographic location, and program of study. Some specific programs are outlined below.

External scholarships are scholarships from individuals and organizations not affiliated with the University of Hawai’i system. Each scholarship donor determines their own criteria and deadlines, so be sure to read all information carefully. The best time to apply for external scholarships is from October to December of the prior school year. Some scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to apply early.

While many scholarship opportunities and donors are legitimate, be mindful that you should never have to pay to apply for a scholarship. Some donors may also be looking to take advantage of free advertisement from students by requiring students to share their websites on social media and engage in competitions with other applicants to obtain the most likes, shares, upvotes, etc. Even if legitimate, the likelihood of winning these scholarships is generally low, and your time may be better spent focusing on other scholarship applications. In general, it is best to trust your instinct - if it feels like a scam or a waste of time, it probably is.

Below is a list of scholarships from external donors, many of which are frequently awarded to Hawai’i Community College students. You can also find external scholarships from scholarship search engines, such as Fastweb, Sallie Mae, and College Board. Please note that the links below lead to external websites that may not be accessible to users who rely on accessibility tools to interpret online content.

Hawai’i Community Foundation

Kamehameha Schools

Hawai’i Education Association

ALU LIKE, Inc - Hana Lima Scholarship Program (HLSP)

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Rotary Club of Hilo Bay

KURU Footwear Live Your Dreams Scholarship Behavioral Health Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship for Minorities

Students are legally obligated to report external scholarships to the Financial Aid Office (FAO). Most external scholarships are sent directly to the school, which allows the FAO to update student accounts prior to the disbursement of funds, however some donors choose to issue scholarship funds directly to students. If a scholarship is issued directly to the student, the student must report the scholarship to the FAO. Failure to do so may result in financial aid reductions or cancelations, and adverse tax-related consequences.

To report external resources that are not already included in your financial aid account, please use your UH email address ( to FileDrop a copy of your scholarship certificate or award notice to

The State of Hawaiʻi B+ Scholarship is a UH system scholarship for first-year, full-time, in-state students attending college right after graduating from a State of Hawai’i public high school. A minimum 3.0 high school GPA is required, as well as completion of 4 credits of English, 3 credits of math (including Algebra I and Geometry), 3 credits of science (including Biology), and 3 credits of college preparatory coursework, such as foreign languages, fine arts, and social sciences.

If you meet the criteria listed above, please use UH Filedrop to submit your high school transcripts for review to Be sure to write your UH ID on your transcripts and in the Filedrop Optional Message, and indicate in the Filedrop Optional Message that you are requesting Hawai’i B+ Scholarship Consideration.

The Hawai’i Promise Scholarship is a UH system scholarship that ensures that first-degree, in-state students, with demonstrated financial need, have enough free financial aid to cover the direct costs of attending school, including tuition, fees, and an allowance for books and supplies. Qualified students must enroll in 6 credits each semester toward an eligible program of study. Award amounts are based on direct costs that are not covered by other financial resources, and are subject to revision based on enrollment level, financial need, and receipt of additional resources. A brief outline of the awarding process is described below.

  1. During the packaging process, the Central Financial Aid Office (CFAO) estimates Hawai'i Promise eligibility based on full-time enrollment.
  2. About a week before the semester starts, Hawai'i Promise funds are disbursed for students enrolled full-time.
  3. After the Pell Recalculation Date (sometimes called the census or enrollment lock date), Hawai'i Promise amounts are adjusted by the CFAO and then disbursed for students enrolled less than full-time.

The Second Century Scholarship is a UH system scholarship available to students with Native Hawaiian Ancestry and demonstrated financial need. Awards are made to students enrolled in at least 6 credits toward an eligible program of study, and amounts are based upon financial need and available funding.