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Professional Development Request Info

Requests for Fiscal Year 2021 are on hold or not available as Hawai'i CC complies with UH budget restrictions.

Hawai'i CC supports both career and job related professional development activities. Professional development (PD) is defined as learning undertaken by employees to maintain and advance their skills, knowledge and competencies, specifically as they relate and add value to their job and workplace.

The Hawai'i CC Professional Development Fund is designed to provide financial support to faculty, staff, and lecturers* for the cost of professional development activities including travel expenses, registration fees, course fees, books and materials, and other pertinent professional development expenses.

There will be a 3 year cycle during which an employee can apply and receive up to $3000 for mainland PD opportunities and up to $1200 for state PD opportunities. This cap will help faculty and staff members plan for their professional development and raise additional funds if necessary, and will also allow the fund to serve a larger number of faculty and staff members in the future.

* Lecturers may also be eligible for funding if they have taught a minimum of six credits in each of the last four consecutive semesters at Hawai'i CC, and have the support of their Department/Division chair

Application Deadline

Priority deadlines for review are the last Fridays of August, December, and April. However, early and late applications will be reviewed if submitted with a cover sheet justifying the (early or) late submission.

When reviewing applications, the following points will be considered (in no particular order):

  • Activity furthers the needs of the applicant's employment and the college goals.
  • Alignment with Hawai'i CC Mission: To emphasize the knowledge and experience necessary for Kauhale members from all segments of our Hawai'i community to pursue academic achievement and workforce readiness.
  • Alignment with the Hawai'i CC/UHCC Strategic Plans.
  • Potential impact on student success and/or College goals.
  • Efforts/Inquiries into other funding sources made before applying for this PD support. (ability to leverage other sources)
  • Intent to share knowledge gained with relevant stakeholders (e.g. colleagues, community agencies) via presentation, workshop, discussion and/or report.

Eligible activities and expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Hawai'i CC and UH-Hilo workshops/non-credit courses
  • Professional conferences
  • Skill certification programs
  • Online training/courses
  • Expenses including course fees and other related fees such as registration fees, course supply fees, books, access codes, and other associated expenses.

Activities and expenses NOT eligible for funding include:

  • Professional dues, subscriptions, and journals
  • Equipment, including computer hardware and software
  • Grant up to 50% of professional development funds to applicants in the fall semester and any unused balance in the spring and summer. There will be three rounds of application review (August $10K, December $10K, April $5K plus unused funds). Early or late applications may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on required cover sheet that justify such review).
  • There will be a cap on funding. Applicants can receive up to $3000 for mainland PD opportunities and up to $1200 for state PD opportunities. This cap will enable faculty to plan and raise additional funds if necessary. This will also help serve a larger number of faculty and staff members.
  • There will be a 3 year cycle during which any faculty or staff member can receive up to $3000 in funds. This cap will help faculty and staff members plan for their professional development and raise additional funds if necessary.
  • Any unused or returned funds may be redistributed to already approved applicants who did not receive the maximum $3000/$1200 for their professional development request, may be distributed to applicants who were not initially approved for funding, or will be held over for the next funding period.
  • Lecturers may be eligible for funding if they have taught a minimum 6 credits in each of the last 4 consecutive semesters at Hawai'i CC.
  • All funding recipients will be required to submit a Completion Report, as well as participate in one of the following "share-out" activities:
    • Campus workshop coordinated through FSD committee
    • Departmental workshop coordinated through DC/Unit manager
    • Instructional Guide (digital) submitted to FSD committee and made available to campus on website.
    • Other activity: ________________________ (would need to be approved by a body before funding is approved)

Requests are evaluated on the basis of equitable access to professional development opportunities for all faculty, staff, and lecturers. Hawai'i Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, arrest and court record, sexual orientation, status as a covered veteran, national guard, victims of domestic or sexual violence, gender identity and expression, genetic information, citizenship, credit history, and income assignment. For inquiries regarding our nondiscrimination policies, please contact Dorinna Cortez, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, For faculty/staff disability accommodations, please contact Human Resources at (808)934-2525.