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Thank you for your interest in Hawaii Community College alumni president at past eventAlumni & Friends. Our organization is a group formed in cooperation with the University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association (UHAA) to "Enrich the university experience, foster fellowship, and achieve educational excellence by challenging and supporting the university through the interaction of the alumni, school and community." The Hawaiʻi Community College Alumni and Friends is in compliance with the University of Hawaiʻi policy related to the formation of recognized alumni groups and is officially recognized by the UHAA.

At its May 18, 1994 UHAA Executive Board and Council meeting, Hawaiʻi Community College Alumni and Friends was officially recognized as one of its constituent groups

Membership is open to graduates, former students, those persons (friends) having an interest in supporting the goals of the Hawaiʻi Community College and the University of Hawaiʻi. Faculty, staff, and current students may also join as friends of the college