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Campus Security

Hawai‘i Community College (HawCC) is a small campus of 21 acres, with 26 buildings set on approximately 10 acres located at the juncture of E. Kawili, W. Kawili, and Manono Streets in Hilo. HawCC is proud of its low crime statistics. Security staff patrol the buildings and grounds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are highly visible to students, staff, and community members. Two HawCC "Security Officers" oversee contract security guards and provide additional expertise in handling safety and security concerns. The HawCC Security Officers are not sworn police officers and do not have arrest powers, however, the HawCC Security Office works closely with the Hawai‘i Police Department which has authority and jurisdiction for criminal activity that occurs on the campus.


HawCC Campus Security Officers and contract security guards are committed to making the Hawai‘i Community College Manono Campus a safe and secure environment in which students, faculty, staff, and visitors feel at ease while they learn, work, and play. We contribute to the ability of the College to carry out its educational mission and goals by performing our security duties with integrity and treating individuals with respect, knowing that everyone's well being is fostered by these levels of professionalism and efficiency.


We envision Hawai‘i Community College Manono Campus as the safest educational institution in the state of Hawai‘i. Staff and students are knowledgeable in regard to policies and procedures aimed at protecting the social and physical integrity of the campus community as a whole. The implementation of state of the art technology for deterrence and investigative purposes will contribute to our high level of security.


Campus Security is dedicated in providing safety and security services in the most effective manner possible. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and efficiency in responding to emergencies and alarms, making emergency notifications, and securing rooms, buildings, parking lots, and grounds. Exterior lighting, doors, and shrubbery are checked for unsafe conditions and reported to the maintenance department, where repairs are given top priority. Educating our staff and students in safety issues and prevention measures is paramount to providing optimum safety to our campus members and environment.

The college is a diverse and ever-changing community. This requires constant efforts by the HawCC Security Department to partner with local law enforcement agencies and educate the students, employees, and the community to deter and reduce crime, and to resolve security issues through modern policing. This will be accomplished through:

  • strengthening our partnership with the community through community-oriented policing practices;
  • achieving operational excellence through improving efficiency in operations and aligning services with resources; and
  • pursuing innovation through the responsible use of technology.