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College Effectiveness Review Committee (CERC)

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The CERC is a college-wide shared governance committee with extensive College-wide representation.

This committee’s function is to receive all Comprehensive Program and Unit (P-U) Reviews and to evaluate each program’s or unit’s worth to the College using the appropriate P-U designated evaluation tool. After each CERC member has independently reviewed all P-U Reviews, the CERC deliberates as a body and responds to initiators and writers of each program and unit with feedback for quality improvement. The CERC also makes recommendations to the Chancellor on campus planning. In addition the CERC convenes the Closing Meeting which provides an annual evaluation of the College’s integrated planning process.

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Resources & Documentation

Note: Documents available on Hawaii CC Intranet

Evaluation Tool for Comprehensive PROGRAM Reviews:

Evaluation Tool for Comprehensive UNIT Reviews:

Committee Members

CERC Membership, AY 2015-2016
Review AY 2014-2015
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, ChairJoyce
Vice Chancellor for Administrative AffairsJim
Administration representativeBeth
APT representativeJeff
Clerical representativeKarla
Academic Senate Chair or designeeClaudia
College Council Chair or designeeTiana
Assessment Committee representativeReshela
1 faculty representative - Career & Technical EducationDonala
1 faculty representative - Liberal Arts & Public ServicesJessica
1 Student Services representative - at largeHelen
1 Student Services representative - at largeLarissa
1 Administrative Services representative - at largeJodi
Hoʻolulu Council representativeMonica
1 West Hawaiʻi representative - at large  
1 West Hawaiʻi representative - at largeKalani
1 OCET representative - at largeSteven
ASUH - HawaiiCC president or representative