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Tutoring at The Learning Center

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Jeremy (professional tutor: Math, Logic)

Asia (English, Writing)

Zion (English, ESL, Writing)

Maria (Writing)

Ryan (Math, BioChem, Biol, Chem, Geology, Science)

Melissa (English, Philosophy, PoliSci)


Sam (Astronomy, Math, Physics)


Kekai (Japanese, Linguistics, Writing)

Dallas (Math, Physics)

Marisa (English, Writing)


Keola (ESL, Japanese, Linguistics, Writing

Jaylen (Aquaculture, Biology, English, Marine Science)

Brad (Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Writing photo not available)

Tutors at STEM Center Manono Campus

Christian (Math)
Michael Mon 3:30 - 5pm, Tues/Thur 12 - 5pm

Tutoring at Hale Kea

Leah (History, Writing)