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Learning Styles

Are you a Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic learner?
How do you determine your learning style?

To do a full diagnostic exam you can go to this link: Learning Styles Survey
Ask yourself the following questions that can help identify the way you learn.


  • Do you remember information best by writing it down?
  • Do you find flash cards useful?
  • Do you visualize pictures when you read?
  • Do you enjoy reading maps, charts, and graphs?
  • Do you draw pictures in your notes?


Click on the eye for some video and other tips!


  • Do you remember what you hear in a lecture?
  • When people tell you their name, do you remember it?
  • Do you read out loud?
  • Do you remember lines from movies?
  • Can you recite song lyrics?


Click on the ears for some video and other tips!


  • Do you learn best by doing the task?
  • Are you good at putting things together?
  • Do you prefer lab classes more than lecture classes?
  • Do you like to move around when studying?
  • Can you assemble items without reading the directions?


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