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2017-18 Assessment Handbook

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Reshela DuPuis, Ph.D.
Institutional Assessment Coordinator
Manono Campus,
Hale Aloha, Rm 108

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What is Assessment at Hawaiʻi Community College?

Assessment is the process of gathering information/data on student learning and services for the purposes of evaluating and improving the learning environment.

The Institutional Assessment Office organizes Hawai'i Community College assessment to sustain continuous improvement for instructional activities and support services.

  • provides training and support to develop, align, and assess institutional, unit, program and course outcomes.
  • maintains and publishes assessment documentation and reports.
  • collaborates with administrators, divisions/departments/units leadership and faculty/staff to provide assessment activities that foster continuous improvement.

Hawaiʻi Community College engages in systematic assessment of learning outcomes to ensure continuous improvement and create increased opportunities for student success.

Our Learning Outcomes

General Education

assessment outcomes process

Learning Outcome Approach

The learning outcome approach makes student learning more meaningful and effective. Students are able to identify relevance and value in their education.

The approach increases student success by building educational experiences based on what students will be able to do with their acquired knowledge and skills. These diverse and rich educational experiences correlate directly to the desired learning outcomes.

Our Process

  1. Develop student learning outcomes.
  2. Design course to achieve student learning outcomes.
  3. Create methods to assess student learning outcomes.
  4. Engage in the teaching-learning process.
  5. Assess whether or not student learning outcomes are achieved.
  6. Participate in discussions on ways to improve instruction and student success.
  7. Make changes to achieve learning outcomes and for continuous program improvement
  8. Document process and report results

Course Assessment Cycle

course assessment 5 year cycle

Unit Assessment Cycle

unit assessment annual cycle

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