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Planning Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
Planning, Operations & Maintenance Planning, Operations & Maintenance
PN General Information & Requirements Nursing (Practical)
PN Nursing Courses Nursing (Practical)
PN Program Learning Outcomes Nursing (Practical)
Policies & Procedures Manual Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
Prerequisites & nursing courses Nursing (Associate of Science)
Prevention, Awareness, Understanding Violence Program PauViolence
Professional Development Workshops Faculty Staff Development
Program Faculty Construction Academy
Program Faculty and Staff Nursing (Practical)
progression charts ESL Lab
Questions and Answers East Hawaiʻi Ceremony Graduation
Reading The Learning Center
Recipe for Success: Small Classes and Excellent Support HawCC
Records Forms Admissions & Records
referrals to support services The Learning Center
Regarding Printers Computer Services
Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) Student Life
Registering for a DE class Distance Education
Registration Information Admissions & Records
Residency HawCC
Resources Accreditation
Resources Math & Natural Sciences
Resources Financial Aid