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Students talk about their experiences in new promotional video for Hawai'i Community College – Pālamanui

Hear from students, learn about their experiences, and see the new facilities at Hawai‘i Community College – Pālamanui in this new promotional video designed to engage and inform the community about the higher education options in West Hawai'i. Click on the image below to watch.


Hawai‘i CC – Pālamanui is a branch campus of Hawai‘i Community College and part of the University of Hawai‘i system. It is located in North Kona, mauka of the Kona International Airport. Hawai‘i CC – Pālamanui offers certificates and associate degrees from Hawai‘i Community College. The campus includes the University Center, West Hawai'i.

The Center is a gateway for residents of West Hawai‘i to undertake programs from other University of Hawai‘i campuses while continuing to live in West Hawai‘i. Programs from other UH campuses enroll and deliver courses to students in West Hawai'i using a combination of formats including: online any-time, site-to-site real-time interactive video conferencing, and face-to-face participation. Local students have the advantage of campus-based resources and support (library, counseling, student activities) plus the opportunity to access an entire spectrum of associate, bachelor's and graduate degrees. To learn more about the campus visit