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The Center is named for Hāloa, the Kalo ancestor of the Hawaiian people.

I Ola Hāloa Center for Hawaiʻi Life Styles aims to provide Hawaiʻi Community College, itʻs students, families, and communities with Hawaiian cultural learning and teaching programs from which they can successfully foundation their intellectual, spiritual, and economic base.

I Ola Hāloa reaffirms the importance of Hawaiian cultural Values and practices in higher education

Begun in 1999 through a grant sponsored by the Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions Program of the U.S. Department of Education’s Title III office, the initial activities of the project were designed to improve access, retention and graduation of Native Hawaiʻi students.

This Center was inspired by the vision and legacy of the late Edward Kanahele and Dr. Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele, Professors of History and Hawaiian Studies, at Hawaiʻi Community College. They embedded the program with teaching and learning of their mother, the late Edith K. Kanakaʻole, an esteemed Kumu Hula and Hawaiian educator from Keaukaha, Hawaiʻi.

Pou Aʻo - Teaching and Learning

In addition to Campus based classes in Hilo and Kona,

I Ola Hāloa faculty deliver college credit courses in Hawaiʻi Language and Hawaiʻi Culture to the rural districts of Waimea-Kohala, and Kaʻū, and to the other islands of Hawaiʻi and beyond using the most up-to-date Video-Conferencing Techhnology and On-line Instruction. Hawaiʻi Life Styles instructors offer three  Associate in Applied Science degrees (A.A.S.) in Hula, Mahiʻai (Hawaiʻi Farming), and Lawaiʻa (Hawaiʻi Fishing) as well as a 17-credit Academic Subject Certificate (A.S.C.) in Hawaiʻi Life Styles. The degree program provides a strong cultural foundation, combined with the technical course work required to be successful practitioners in modern society.

Upon Successful completion, students are prepared to:              

Demonstrate an awareness of and facilitate community     movement toward Hawaiian cultural understanding, the transmission, maintenance, practice, perpetuation and evolution of Hawaiian traditions.

Improve their employment and business opportunities, which are supported by a deep and relevant expertise in Hawaiian culture, as they venture into traditional and developmental career paths.

Articulate their knowledge of the technical, environmental, commercial, and educational implications and application of natives' cultural practices as it is appropriate to local and global concerns.

Apply authentic learning experiences from Hawaiian culture to one's life.

Improve self-identity through intra- and intersearch; this will improve the student's ability to be sensitive and respectful of all environments (social, natural, mythic, technological, and scientific).

Demonstrate a higher consciousness for the health of Hawaiʻi's physical environment and all of Hawaiʻi's native populations.


The Hawaiʻi Life Styles (HLS) Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree focuses on particular Native Hawaiian occupations that supported a vibrant, sustainable, highly scientific, and spiritually balanced island population years prior to Western contact.

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