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First Time Students

This section is for all first-time college students, including those who may have taken college courses in high school

  • If you have not already, apply for Financial Aid by first submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at to help you pay for school. The FAFSA needs to be filled out for every new academic school year.
  • Need help with the FAFSA? Our Financial Aid Office has peer mentors who can guide you through the application. Make an appointment by calling them at (808) 934-2712.

It's time to set-up your UH username. If you're a previous UH student, you will need to reactivate your UH username by following the same steps listed below.

  • Go to:
    Click "Get a UH username
  • Follow the steps to choose your username, password and secret questions. Be sure to read all the instructions. Having trouble? Call the Counseling Center at (808) 934-2720 for help.
  • Now that you have activated a UH username and email account, start checking your UH email regularly! Important information regarding Hawai'i CC, registration, your course schedule, account holds and financial aid will be sent to this address.

Report any discrepancies on your student record to the Admissions and Records Office at Manono Campus, Bldg 378 or Office of Student Services – Pālamanui at Elama Bldg    (e.g. Name, birth date, address, residency status, program).

  • To access the STAR GPS Registration system, users can either go direct to the URL at and log in using the MyUH username and password. Or, access to STAR is also available through the new MyUH Services Portal.  After logging in, click on your name in the top right corner.  A pop-up screen will appear with student information, and you will be able to view residency status. 

Your residency status determines what tuition rate is applied when you register for classes. If you believe that your residency status is not accurate or incomplete (missing documents to determine your status), please contact the Admissions & Records Office as soon as possible (808) 934-2710.  Important note: To update your residency status you must submit any required information/documentation before the first day of instruction.

No Information (Non-Resident):
There is insufficient information to accurately determine your residency status, and you will be charged at the non-resident tuition rate until your status can be determined. To update your residency status, you must submit any requested information/documentation prior to the first day of instruction for the term.
Please contact the Admissions & Records Office at (808) 934-2710 for assistance.
IMPORTANT: THE FINANCIAL AID ADMIT REQUIREMENT IS NOT SATISFIED UNTIL YOUR RESIDENCY STATUS IS DETERMINED. This means if you applied for financial aid, your application will remain in pending status until your residency status is determined.

"6 Credit Rule" for Non-Resident Students (Including N/R Exempt) at All UH Campuses
Non-resident students who enter any campus of the University of Hawaiʻi may not satisfy the twelve-month durational requirement during any period in which the nonresident student:

  • is enrolled for six (6) credits or more at nay post-secondary institution in Hawaii;
  • was absent from Hawaiʻi for more than 30 days per year during school vacation periods;
  • received student financial assistance based on residency in another state; or
  • was a dependent of nonresident parent(s) or legal guardian.

This policy is in accordance with Chapter 20-4-8, Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules:
Presence in Hawaiʻi primarily to attend an institution of higher learning shall not create resident status.
A nonresident student shall be presumed to be in Hawaii primarily to attend an institution of higher learning…Continued presence in Hawaii during vacation periods and occasional periods of interruption of the course of study shall not itself overcome this presumption.
Should you have any questions about the "6-credit rule", please contact the Admissions & Records Office at (808) 934-2710.

N/R Exempt Spc Talent
Effective Fall 2014, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA) and the Chancellor have approved a pilot program which allows Hawaiʻi island high school graduates who matriculate at Hawaii Community College for the Fall semester immediately following graduation to do so paying the resident tuition rate. The VCSA and the Chancellor have also approved the practice of allowing all early admit students to pay the resident tuition rate. These practices are applied at Hawaiʻi Community College, only.
A residency status of N/R Exempt Spc Talent means that your status should be non-resident, however, an exception has been made at Hawaiʻi Community College due to the above mentioned practices. Your residency status informs other UH campuses that your residency status should be review if you change your home institution from Hawaii Community College to another UH institution.
Your residency status allows you to pay the resident tuition rate for as long as you maintain an active status and your home campus remains Hawaii Community College. If there is a break in your enrollment or if you change your home institution, you will need to establish your residency status with your new institution.

  • To view holds through STAR GPS Registration system, users can either go direct to the URL at and log in using the MyUH username and password. Or, access to STAR is also available through the new MyUH Services Portal. After logging in, click on your name in the top right corner. A pop-up screen will appear with student information, and you will be able to view your academic holds.
  • The "Academic Holds" tab in STAR located at top left corner will display any holds on your account and indicate the office you must contact regarding removal of each hold.
  • It is typical for new students to have TB, MMR and Orientation Holds. In addition to those holds, returning Early College students may also have holds labeled: success advising, parking fine, library dues and outstanding tuition balance.
  • TB and MMR holds can be cleared by providing required documentation to the Admissions & Records Office (Palamanui-submit documents to Student Services). Fees associated with payment due can be cleared through the Business Office once the payment has been received. For all other holds, refer to the department associated with the hold.

Per the Hawai'i State Department of Health, the following Health Clearances are required prior to attendance at Hawai'i Community College or any post-secondary school. Submit your health clearance documents to the Admissions & Records Office as soon as possible. You will be allowed to register while your health clearance documents are pending, provided you have cleared all other holds. However, if you fail to submit your health clearances by August 1 for Fall and December 1 for Spring, your registration for the semester will be canceled. You will be able to re-register once required clearances have been submitted and cleared.

  1. Immunizations – evidence of immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR).
    • A record of immunizations, signed or stamped by a US licensed Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Physician Assistant (PA), or clinic, must be presented for school attendance. This record must include complete dates (month/day/year) for each immunization. A date which shows month/year only may be accepted provided it is clear that there were at least 30 days between each MMR vaccination. Additionally, the first shot must have been administered on or after the student's first birthday.
    • Two doses of the Measles vaccination are required, with at least one of the two being the MMR vaccine. Students who received the vaccinations separately must show record of two measles vaccinations, one mumps vaccination and one rubella vaccination.
    • A blood test showing laboratory evidence of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella signed by a US licensed MD, DO, APRN, or PA or PA may be substituted for a record of immunizations.
    • Students born before 1957 are exempt from the MMR immunization requirement.
    • A 45-day grace period (from the start of instruction) will be given if the student submits a medical appointment card or letter from a practitioner showing that the student is in the process of obtaining the required immunization(s).
  2. Certificate of Tuberculosis Examination – Mantoux Tuberculin skin test (PPD) or chest x-ray completed within 12 months of school entry date
    • A certificate of Tuberculosis (TB) examination is required before post-secondary school attendance in any course of study longer than 6 months. This requirement may not be deferred or postponed.
    • The Mantoux Tuberculin skin test (PPD) must have been given within 12 months before first attending post-secondary school in Hawaii.
    • The Certificate of TB Examination may be issued by the Hawaii Department of Health or a U.S. licensed MD, DO, APRN, or PA. The certificate must include:
      • the date of administration and reading of the Mantoux skin test (PPD)
      • the measurement in millimeters of the induration (raised skin reaction)
      • the signature or stamp of the MD, DO, APRN, PA, or clinic
    • If the transverse diameter of induration (raised skin reaction) is 10mm or greater, a chest x-ray is also required as part of the TB examination to exclude communicable TB. Students with a past positive PPD, documented as stated above, may have a chest x-ray without a repeat skin test.

For information on obtaining immunizations and/or TB test please contact:

University of Hawaii at Hilo
Student Health Center
200 W. Kawili Street
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 932-7369


Hawaii State Department of Health
Hilo State Building
75 Aupuni Street
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 974-6025

Most courses at Hawai'i Community College will require either a Math or an English placement. Hawai'i Community College accepts multiple measures for identifying a student's English and Math placement.

Currently, the following assessments and measures are accepted for placement into English and/or Math courses:

ACCUPLACER, SAT, ACT, Smarter Balanced, HiSet, GED, High School Diploma (cumulative high school GPA, completion of Algebra I and/or Algebra II).

For more information about accepted placement measures, please visit:

Placement Testing

Students may schedule an Accuplacer Test to help determine what classes they are eligible to take.

If English is not your primary language (i.e.. the first language you learned), you may want to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) version of the placement test. This is designed with the non-native speaker in mind and will provide the most accurate placement.

Questions about placement testing or to schedule a placement test call Hale Kea Advancement and Testing Center at (808) 934-2540 (Hilo) or call (808) 969-8830 (Pālamanui).

Orientation provides a smooth transition to college and will help you succeed at Hawai'i Community College. Orientation is mandatory for all new first-time students.

For more information about orientation, visit

Contact the Counseling Office nearest you to sign up for an orientation:

Manono Campus Counseling Center (Hilo) - (808) 934-2720

Pālamanui Campus Counseling Center (Kona) - (808) 969-8816

The following students may qualify for an orientation exemption.

  • Earned a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Attended a Hawai'i CC orientation the prior semester.
  • Unclassified student (non-degree-seeking).

If you think you may fit the criteria above, please email the orientation coordinator at

Our Counseling Center will help to...
  • Ensure you take appropriate classes for your degree/certificate program of choice.
  • Advise you in choosing a balanced course-load to support your academic success.
  • Assist in double-checking that your courses are Financial Aid fundable if you are a student receiving financial aid

Contact the Counseling Office nearest you to schedule an advising appointment:

Manono Campus Counseling Center (Hilo) - (808) 934-2720

Pālamanui Campus Counseling Center (Kona) - (808) 969-8816

All Hawaii Community College students will be registering using the new STAR GPS Registration system.
To access the STAR GPS Registration system, users can either go direct to the URL at and log in using the MyUH username and password. Or, access to STAR is also available through the new MyUH Services Portal.

UH Community College Registration Timetable

Get help using the new STAR GPS Registration system by contacting the Counseling Office at 934-2720 (Hilo) or 969-8816 (Palamanui)
Additional information visit:

You can pay your tuition and fees in the following ways:

  • Online through your My UH Portal: Pay by MasterCard, VISA, or any credit card accepted by the Discover Network (Discover, Diners, and JCB) pinless debit card or web check (checking or savings account).
  • Mail: Make checks payable to "HawCC" and mail to:

    Hawaii Community College Business Office
    1175 Manono Street, Hilo, HI 96720

  • Mail payments must be RECEIVED by the appropriate payment deadline. You should allow a minimum of 5 days for delivery prior to the deadline. Do not use Campus Mail. To ensure proper crediting to your account, write your UH number on the bottom left corner of the check
  • In Person: Pay by cash, check, money order, or cashier's check at any campus cashier's office.
  • Parents and Other Authorized Users: If you have been set up as an Authorized User, you may log-on to the Authorized User site at: with your email address and password provided to you.
  • You can also enroll in one of the payment plans, offered through the Business Office. Details about the payment plan are available in your MyUH portal, or you may speak to the Business Office directly. Please note the payment plan is not available during the summer terms.
  • If you filled out the FAFSA, be sure to check the Financial Aid link in your MyUH Portal to review your "Award by Aid Year" tab. This tab will display your Financial Aid package and/or indicate any additional documentation you may need to submit to the Financial Aid Office.
  • If you receive a Financial Aid package, some or all of your Tuition & Fees may automatically be paid to the Business Office. If you have difficulty viewing your award, or have questions concerning your award, contact the Financial Aid Office at (808) 934-2712.