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Terms of Awards

All awards have been "Automatically" accepted for you. In accepting an offer of financial aid, you acknowledge responsibility for understanding and complying with all the laws, regulations and rules that govern the various financial aid programs. The TERMS OF AWARD is an official agreement between you and the Financial Aid Office and is in force throughout the term of the award. Failure to comply with all of the laws, regulations and rules, may result in cancellation or an adjustment of the award and MAY REQUIRE REPAYMENT of part or all funds disbursed to you. The TERMS OF AWARDS is subject to change without prior notice due to the various laws, regulations, and rules that change frequently. The following general requirements apply to all financial aid programs:

  1. Availability of Funds: All awards are made on condition that funds are available. In the event that the state or federal governments reduce or eliminate funds, the Financial Aid Office will reduce and/or cancel your award.
  2. Change in Information: Any change in your legal name, address, social security number or telephone number MUST be immediately reported to the Records Office ANDthe Financial Aid Office.
  3. Enrollment, Change in Enrollment Status, Withdrawal: Any change in enrollment status will result in a revised award notification. A full-time status is if you are enrolled in 12+ credits; three-quarter time status is 9 to 11 credits; half-time status is 6 to 8 credits; and less than half-time status is 1 to 5 credits.
    1. A change in enrollment status during a semester may change or cancel your award. You will be notified if changes occur
    2. Withdrawing from School: Any student who receives financial aid and withdraws from ALL classes MAY BE REQUIRED TO REPAY a portion or all of financial aid received. (See Return of Title IV Policy)
  4. Funded Courses: Only courses that apply to your major/degree program will be funded by financial aid, this will be checked after the Financial Aid Enrollment Status Determinate Date (freeze date), which is usually three weeks after the first day of instructions. Log onto the STAR Degree Program to see eligible courses.
  5. Satisfactory Academic Progress: Please read and understand the Financial Aid Office Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. (See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy). If you have questions please contact your Financial Aid Advisor.
  6. Over-awards: Regardless of the reason, any funds received in excess of the amount that the student is entitled to MUST BE REPAID by the student.
  7. Financial Holds: Any student who has a financial obligation at the college is subject to a hold on their account until satisfactory payment arrangements have been made with the Business Office.

Financial aid in excess of your institutional charges will be refunded to you. Please consider signing up to have your refund sent electronically to your bank account. E-Refund information can be found at: