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Meeting Notes
Thursday, December 1, 2005
Suggestions on Writing the Self-Study
The committee discussed the writing of the self study. Outcomes from the dialog follow:

  1. We need to answer the broad questions of each standard—the sub questions are only to help. The board question is contained in the main headings (for example: IA1, IA2, IA3, IB1, IIA1, IIA2, etc). Each main heading requires a Descriptive Summary, Self Evaluation and Planning Agenda.
  2. A Descriptive Summary, Self Evaluation, and Planning Agenda is not required for each sub heading (for example: IIA1a, IIA1b, IIA1c, IIA2a, IIA2b, IIA2c IIA2d, etc)
  3. The Descriptive Summary should be brief and concise.
  4. The Self Evaluation should be the most detailed of the three elements and should include the themes.
  5. The Planning Agenda should be brief and concise.
  6. ACCJC is looking to see if “the college” has its own perspective for the broad question. This helps determine who the college is.

Marilyn reiterated that the time to make comments and suggestions is on the second and third drafts. The editors do not wish to make major changes at the end so comments need to be submitted with each draft.
2nd Draft

  1. The second draft needs to include citations.
  2. There was much discussion about having electronic copies of all “evidence” versus hard copies. It was decided that this time we would have a hybrid.
  3. There was much discussion about how citations in the document should be handled. Citations should include the name of the document and page number.
  4. Beth will do a sample of the desired/required format and distribute.
  5. Jennie suggested we look at the UH Hilo accreditation site.

Areas Requiring Attention Based on the First Draft

  1. Continuing work on SLOs
  2. Assessment of SLOs
  3. Revisiting the Mission Statement
  4. Distance Education Policy

Distance Education Policy
Jennie lead a discussion on the expectations of ACCJC in regards to Distance Education.

  1. ACCJC expects a plan in place to evaluate distance ed courses.
  2. The plan should include
  • Distance ed course proposal Review
  • Distance ed course evaluations
  • Academic Support Equivalency for distance ed courses
  • Student support equivalency for distance ed courses

Dialog occurred as to what “body” should create the policy.

  1. The consensus was the Academic Senate was the correct body.
  2. Lou said the Education Policy had enough to do this semester.
  3. Doug suggested a small working committee be formed. Jenny volunteered.
  •  Committee members would include tech support, faculty, and one division chair.
  • The committee would come up with a suggested policy which could be reviewed by the division chairs, and then sent to the Ed Policy Committee
  1. Lou agreed to discuss the issue with the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Student Survey
A copy of the student survey was distributed and briefly discussed. It will go to faculty as soon as possible with instructions to give it to as many students as possible. Students should complete only one survey—not one survey per class.
The co-chairs thanked everyone for their diligence and wished all a wonderful holiday season.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 9 a.m. in conference room 6A.