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Friday, December 17, 10:00 a.m.

Present: Kathy Damon, Dean Doug Dykstra, Chris Iha, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Sara Narimatsu, Jennie Padilla, Marsha Okajima, Mai Wong, Lou Zitnik, Michael Larish

Guide to Evaluating Institutions

  • The Guide to Evaluating Institutions was distributed to the Steering Committee members and the Chairs of each Standard will distribute to their committee members.
  • Hard copies will be available at The Learning Center, Mauka Campus, the Testing Center, Manono Campus, and the Chancellor’s office.
  • The Guide is available on line at accjc website.

Process Strategy

  • Beth Sanders will be the lead person for two of the Standards, Jenny will be the lead for the other two. The decision as to who will be lead for which Standards will be decided by the next committee meeting.
  • Standard Chairs will not need to be present at Steering Committee meetings. They will report to their lead person who will represent them at the Steering Committee meetings.
  • Steering Committee will meet at the Manono Campus conference room 6A or B on the following dates at 9:00 a.m. (corrected time as of 1/20/05)
    • Jan. 20, 2005
    • Feb. 3, 2005
    • Mar. 3, 2005
    • Apr. 7, 2005
    • May 5, 2005

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Steering Committee Member List will be updated and distributed by Trina.
  • A website has been set up to post all announcements, agendas, minutes, drafts, and any other pertinent information regarding the College’s accreditation process. Jennie Padilla will manage this site.
  • Standard Chairs can add members to their committee.
  • Standard Chairs are to convene with their committees to decide on meeting dates and times. Meeting dates and times should be sent to Jennie to post on the website.
  • ACCJC will be strict on evidence provided for each Standard. An Institutional Researcher should be hired by January 2005 to assist with the data collection.
  • Six themes must be embedded in all of the narratives:
  1. Institutional Commitments
  2. Evaluation, Planning, and Improvement
  3. Student Learning Outcomes
  4. Organization
  5. Dialogue
  6. Institutional Integrity


  • Suggestions were made for the Standard Committees to put themes on flash cards and/or to create a template to use for the introduction of each Standard narrative.

The Midterm Report and the ACCJC response to the report is important to use to show evidence of the follow-up and progress from the last accreditation. Trina will provide copies to those who request a copy of the report.


  • Trina distributed a draft of the timeline (attached) and the final copy will be distributed soon.
  • The May 15th date for the final draft was changed to May 2.

Minutes submitted by:
Marsha Okajima