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Meeting Notes
Feb 3, 2005
Recorder: Beth Sanders
I.        Beth reported she had been asked “how the committees are to determine if a standard is met?” 
Dean Dykstra and Trina said it is a judgment call. There are no matrixes to follow; committees may develop some if they choose. We are to elicit evidence that is indicative of the “judgment call.” In the action plan, you state how the college plans to meet the standard; if there are areas the college is not meeting, we need to know those as soon as possible. The accreditation website ( has a link to the ACCJC website which includes a Guide to Evaluating Institutions; standard committees should utilize the guide.
II.     Beth reported she had been asked “how the report is to be written; is the format the same as used in the 2000 report.”
Trina and other committee members agreed there should be three parts:
Description – should be brief
Analysis – more involved; covers what is presently occurring; this is where dialog and themes are interwoven
Plan – state if standard is met; if partially met, how plan to meet it completely
III.   Beth asked if it was possible to see what a “good report” using the new ACCJC standards would look like.
This fall will be the first set of reports submitted to ACCJC using the new standards. They become public documents after they have been reviewed, which is probably not until January 2006. Our timeline is to put the first draft together by October. The timeline is on the accreditation website:
IV.  Chair reports.
Beth reported both Standards 1 and 2 had meetings scheduled and the standard chairs were well organized.  She reported Standard 1 did not have a member from Liberal Arts.  Kathy Damon agreed to ask Kate Sims.
Jennie reported Standard 3 had scheduled meetings every Tuesday from 3-4; she praised Sara for her work as chair. Standard 3 has a live link on the website. Jennie is working with Lou to get a meeting scheduled for Standard 4.
Shawn suggested there be check points for the committees. It was agreed that by March the standard committees should

  1. plan meetings for the semester
  2. assign roles/responsibilities to work groups or individuals; at the least, some division of labor should occur
  3. discuss and attempt to understand the accreditation process
  4. have a dialog about the themes
  5. start to develop a focus for the standard
  6. start identifying possible sources of evidence
  7. review previous accreditation documents; look at the last self study report, the mid-term report, and ACCJC recommendations

V.     Shawn will do an Assessment link off the Accreditation website.
VI.  Trina discussed March 4 all college day activities.  Student Learning Outcomes at the course level will be the focus. Full and half-time faculty is invited; West Hawaii faculty will be coming over.
VII.            The next meeting is Thursday, March 3, 9:00 AM.