The Tutor's Guide Video Series

The Tutor's Guide is a video training series which includes 14 lessons (15 minutes each). These tapes provide excerpts from actual tutoring sessions and present basic philosophical and educational principles of peer tutoring and illustrate pratical strategies for achieving these goals.**

The training series covers the following topics:

1) Introduction to Tutoring

2) The First Session 

3) The Tutorial Plan 

4) Diagnosis and the Socratic Method 

5) Diagnosis through Observation  

6) Tutoring Learning Skills 

7) Managing Group Tutorials 

8) The Tutor as a Counselor 

9) Bridging Cultural Gaps
10) Tutoring Physical Sciences 

11) Tutoring Social Sciences  

12) Tutoring Humanities  

13) Tutoring the Writing Process 

14) Tutoring English as a second language

**There are also videos available on YouTube. Go to the tutor training page in Laulima to access.

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