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STAR - Guided Pathways to Graduation



Hawai‘i Community College is pleased to introduce the new STAR GPS Registration System that you will use to register for classes starting with the Spring 2017 semester. STAR GPS provides an easy-to-navigate registration system that revolutionizes the way you select appropriate classes, track your progress toward program completion and add/drop courses.


Registration begins November 7, 2016 for continuing students. All students (except unclassified and Early College) will be registering using the new STAR GPS Registration System. To access the site, you should start at and log on with your MyUH username and password.


  • Class registration information is integrated into one site and works together seamlessly.
  • You will be on a directed path that guides selection of courses needed and prescribes the order in which these courses need to be taken.
  • You can easily filter through options of classes based on time, day, class mode (online, hybrid, etc.), instructor, campus and many more options.
  • Courses that conflict in time are easily noted to avoid time conflict errors.
  • Class schedules connect at the click of a button to textbooks required for those courses and even the payment screen is easier than ever to find. 


Get help using the new STAR GPS Registration system by contacting the Counseling Office at 934-2720 (Hilo) or 969-8816 (Palamanui)


Click the links below for a tutorial slideshow, an instructional booklet and other helpful handouts.


Please feel free to submit any questions via email at


1. Will I still be able to register via the old MyUH account?

No. With the exception of Unclassified and Early College students, all students will be required to use the new STAR GPS Registration System.  Students who try to access the MyUH add/drop portal will be redirected to use STAR to register. 

2. Will the MyUH Portal still exist?

Yes, you can still access your portal to view your student information.  The only feature that will be disabled is the add/drop courses options. 

3. Where do I go if I need help with the new STAR GPS Registration System? 

For assistance with navigating the new system, the Counseling Offices in both Hilo and Palamanui will be offering sessions to provide hands-on assistance. Please contact the Counseling Office at 934-2720 (Hilo) or 969-8816 (Palamanui) for more information.

4. Can I make changes to the courses prescribed in the Spring 2017 semester?

Yes, you can make changes by dragging and dropping courses into different semesters.  We strongly advise that you work with your faculty advisor and/or Counselor to determine that the progression of courses you’re selecting is advisable.   Changes that are made to the Graduation Pathways planner will be flagged with the name of the person making those changes for future reference. 

5. What if I want to change my major?

To officially change your major, a Change of Major Form will need to be completed and submitted to the Records Office.  Once the change is made, then STAR will begin to default to your new major.   In the meantime, the student can do a “What If Journey” to determine how courses already taken will apply to the new major. 

6. Where do I find the CRN and pre-requisites listed for individual courses? 

Further detailed information about the course can be found by clicking on the down arrow in class selection portion of STAR:












7. What if I have a hold on my account?

Students with holds will still be able to use a “Preview” feature that will allow you to build a course schedule. However, you will not able to submit your registration until the hold has been resolved. Please note that classes selected during the Preview are not held, so other students can still fill up seats in the classes selected in the meantime. The only way to lock in registration is to resolve the hold and click the “submit registration” button while the classes are still available.

8. What if I receive a message saying that a planner is not available for me?         

Students who are on catalog years prior to Fall 2013, Unclassified students or Early College/Early Admit students do not currently have a STAR Graduation Pathway. Registration can be completed using your MyUH portal and further assistance can be provided by the Counseling Staff. The STAR GPS Registration system will be available for these students beginning in April 2017.

9. What if I encounter a pre-requisite error or special instructor permission error message when trying to register?

All pre-requisites and requirements for courses are still in effect. Students who receive these errors, but believe they are eligible to register into this course must receive an override from the instructor of the course before being able to register for the class. 

10. My graduation pathway does not appear accurate to me. What should I do? 

We are continuously striving to ensure the accuracy and ease of use of the STAR GPS Registration system. If you suspect that your planner is showing an error, please contact the Counseling Office or the Records Office nearest you to report and resolve your situation.  Thank you for your patience and assistance!