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Video Tips for Visual Learners The Learning Center
Virtual Office Assistant (BTEC-VOA) Certificate of Competence Business Technology Virtual Office Assistant
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Web Resources Business Office
Website Feedback About Hawaii CC
Welcome Alumni
Welcome Message About Hawaii CC
Welcome to HawCC ESL Lab ESL Lab
Welcome to the English Department! English
Welcome Tutors The Learning Center
What is DE? Distance Education
What is Financial Literacy? Financial Aid
What is the ESL Lab? ESL Lab
What Tutors Gain: The Benefits of Tutoring The Learning Center
Where to find Data - IR Resources Institutional Research Office
Who do I contact for more information? ESL Lab
Who should take ESL classes? ESL Lab
WI Courses offered Academic Year 2018-19 Writing Intensive Program
WI Guidelines Writing Intensive Program
Workshops at The Learning Center The Learning Center
Writing Intensive Course Proposal Procedures Writing Intensive Program
Writing Intensive Courses at Hawai`i Community College Writing Intensive Program
Writing Intensive Program Curriculum Committee (WICC) Writing Intensive Program