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Faculty Staff Development

2018-2019 Committee Members

  • Michelle Phillips, faculty, Math and Natural Sciences, Co-Chair
  • Leanne Urasaki, faculty, Academic Support/ITSO, Co-Chair
  • Alma Cremer, faculty, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Kate De Soto, faculty, Mental Wellness and Personal Development Service
  • Brian Hirata, faculty, Culinary Arts
  • Tiana Hirota, APT, EDvance
  • Ruria Namba, faculty, Math and Natural Sciences (Pālamanui)
  • Shelbi (Kulia) Salavea, civil service, Planning, Operations and Maintenance
  • Kate Sims, faculty, English (Pālamanui)
  • Neva Supe-Roque, faculty, EDvance
  • Shyann Davis, APT, Academic Support/Curriculum
  • Brenda Watanabe, faculty, Early Childhood Education

Have an idea for a workshop or training?

Submit your suggestion to the Faculty/Staff Development committee via email at