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Office of Student Services

OSS Office Staff in ZZoom


We are your resource at Pālamanui for information about applying for admission, course registration, financial aid, and much more. We are here to support you.


Office of Student Services
Hawaiʻi Community College-Pālamanui
P.O. Box 1327
Kailua-Kona, HI 96745-1327
Phone: (808) 969-8816
Fax: (808) 209-8022
Office: Elama Building

Support Services

Pālamanui Campus, Ēlama Bldg
Tel: 808.969.8814 | Fax: 808.209.8021

Pālamanui Office of Student Services
Tel: 808.969.8816 |

HawCC-Hilo, Bldg 379 #5A
Tel: 808.934.2720 |
Counseling, Advising & Support Services Website

Katherine “Kawehi” Nguyen
College Readiness & Retention Facilitator
Tel: 808.969.8820 |

Mari Giel, MHRM, Coordinator/Counselor
HawCC-Manono, Bldg 388 #106
Tel: 808.934.2725 |
Hāʻawi Kōkua Center Website

Craig Mitchell, Coordinator
HawCC-Manono, Bldg 379A #3
Tel: 808.934.2689 |
HINET Website

Learning/Testing Services in Honokaʻa
Tel: 808.775.8890 |
Kō Education Center Website

Kate De Soto, LCSW, MH Therapist
HawCC-Manono, Hale Aloha #110
Tel: 808.934.2706 |
MWPD Website

Manono Campus, Bldg 379 #1A
Tel: 808.934.2720 | Fax: 808.934.2721
Career and Job Development Center Website

Erin Low, Educational Specialist
Tel: 808.258.3871 |
Kūlia Support Project Website

Warren “Wailani” Walker, Counselor
HawCC-Manono, Bldg 379A
Tel: 808.934.2702 |
Veterans Support Website

Carrie Kuwada Phipps
Educational Specialist
Tel: 808.969.8808 |
University Center, West Hawai'i Website

Helpful Mobile Apps and Sites

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Helpful Tip #1 CONNECT

Visit your instructors during office hours or gather with classmates to form a study group. Meet with student services staff to learn how you can achieve your goals. Ask tons of questions. Everyone wants to help. Let them.

Campus Resources

Hale Kea Advancement and Testing Center
HawCC-Manono, Bldg 387
Tel: 808.934.2540 |

I Ola Hāloa Center for Hawaiʻi Life Styles
HawCC-Manono, Bldg 380 #34
Computer Lab, Mentoring, Workshops, Tutoring - ʻŌlelo/Kapuahi/Hula/Hawaiian Studies/Cultural Arts
Tel: 808.934.2600 |

Pālamanui Library/Learning Center
HawCC-Pālamanui, Kaliko Bldg
Tutoring, Testing, and Placement Services
Tel: 808.969-8830

University of Hawaiʻi Hilo

Tel: 808.932.7394 |

Edwin H. Mookini Library
Resources & Services: eBooks/Journals/Media/News
Tel: 808.932.7286 |

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Helpful Tip #2 Make A Friend

Introduce yourself to your classmates and get to know them. It helps to share an experience with others.

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Helpful Tip #3 Attend a Workshop

Your success depends on your attitude and level of commitment. Tap into your creativity, learn strategies for success, or network to find new career pathways.

Pālamanui Staff

Pearla Haalilio
Student Services Specialist
Tel: 808.969.8824 |

Ian Hirakawa
Academic Advisor (all majors)
Tel: 808.969.8816 |

Wendy Medeiros
Office Assistant III
Tel: 808.969.8816 |

Katherine “Kawehi” Nguyen
College Readiness & Retention Facilitator
Early College / Running Start
Tel: 808.969.8820 |

Precious Mae A. Atendido
Academic Counselor
NSLS Chapter Advisor
Tel: 808.969.8816 |