Tropical Storm Ana

October 16 update:

The University of Hawaii continues to monitor Tropical Storm Ana and is working closely with state and county officials to anticipate its possible impact on Hawaii. This is the October 16, 2:20 p.m. update with the latest storm information.

UH Hilo, Hawaii Community College and NHERC will remain open and classes will meet Friday, with the exception of the Hawaii Community College Motorcycle Training class on Saturday, which is cancelled.

Classes and activities at the UH West Hawaii Campus are cancelled for Friday, October 17 and Saturday, October 18 and the campus will be closed.

However, conditions are unpredictable and should they require additional closures, we will inform you here and through a UH Alert.

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Academic Affairs Directory


Name Location E-mail Phone # Title
Office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Fax Number: 974-7770
Joni Y. Onishi 346-122 934-2514 Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Sandra Kama 346-122 934-2512 Secretary
Joyce Hamasaki MC 392-9 934-2522
934-2671 Fax
Interim Dean, CTE
Luane Ishii MC 392-10 934-2523
934-2671 Fax
Guy Kimura CH-10 934-2519 Interim Dean of LA & PS
Lori Medeiros 346-122 934-2518 Secretary
Sherrie Ann
CH-10 934-2520
933-3237 Fax
Education Specialist
Fax Number: 934-2571
Stephen Schulte MC 387-105 934-2570
IT Specialist
Cathy Nishie MC 387-105 934-2570
Office Assistant III
O. Scot Rosehill MC 387-105 934-2570
IT Specialist
Glenn Proctor MC 387-105 934-2570
IT Specialist
Brett Okajima MC 387-105 934-2570
IT Specialist
John Witkowski MC 387-105 934-2570
IT Specialist
Fax Number: 974-7770
Mitchell Okuma CH-10 934-2524 Education Specialist - Curriculum
Leanne Urasaki 346-109 934-2647 ITSO - Instructional Technology Developer
Helen Torigoe 346-108 934-2644 ITSO - Academic Support Specialist
Jason Santos 346-108 934-2645 IT System Programmer
Tyler Yoshiyama 346-108 934-2644 IT Specialist
James Kiley PB5-3 934-2649 Institutional Assessment Coordinator
Ellen Okuma PB1-3 934-2646 Instructor Outreach Librarian
Neal Uehara MC 386-5 934-2563 Media Design & Production
Joeseph Zappala MC 386-5 934-2563 Media Design & Production
Daniel Fernandez 346-139 934-2643 Web Developer
Fax Number: 974-7785
Gwen Kimura 334-LCR-117 934-2533 Interim Learning Center Coordinator
Betty Okada 334-LCR-113 934-2532 Clerk-Steno
Kalyan Meola 334-LCR-1145 934-2530 Educational Specialist
TLC/Hale Kea
Fax Number: 934-2541
Nancy Schein MC 387 934-2540 Education Specialist
Lori-Ann Flores MC 387 934-2540 Education Specialist
Fax Number: 974-7770
Shawn Flood 346-118 934-2648 Institutional Analyst