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Want to join or create a RISO?

What ​is ​a ​HawCC ​student ​RISO?

A ​HawCC ​student ​RISO ​is ​a ​student Registered Independent Student Organization. ​A ​RISO
provides ​co-curricular ​opportunities ​for ​students ​to ​acquire ​leadership, ​team ​work,
organizational, ​and ​implementation ​skills. ​A ​RISO ​also ​engages ​students ​in ​responsible
problem ​solving ​and ​decision ​making. ​Students ​must ​think ​critically, ​employ ​ethical ​standards,
and ​interact ​with ​other ​people.

What ​students ​learn ​through ​a ​RISO ​will ​serve ​them ​well ​as ​college ​students, ​as ​it ​supplements
the ​classroom ​experience. ​It ​provides ​students ​with ​academic ​(as ​extensions ​of ​their ​curricular
program), ​social, ​recreational, ​cultural, ​and/or ​civic ​opportunities. ​But ​the ​benefits ​of ​RISO
membership ​go ​beyond ​the ​campus ​and ​extend ​into ​a ​student’s ​life ​as ​a ​family ​member,
employee, ​and ​community ​member.


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Joining a Registered Independent Student Organization?

Check out established RISOs here


Creating a New Registered Independent Student Organization?

  1. Gather six like minded enrolled HawCC students to serve in your club
  2. Find an advisor (faculty or staff member of HawCC)
  3. Read the handbook
  4. Have your advisor Register here

If you have any questions or concerned email the Student Life Specialist at