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Returning Student Advising

Welcome back Returning Students!

We understand you may already know your way around Hawai'i Community College, and while you can attend orientation if you wish, it is not mandatory for returning students. However, to ensure you are aware of program changes and new resources, mandatory advising is required. To make it as easy as possible, advising is offered in-person or distance (phone or google hang-out) through either campus.


In an advising appointment, our Counseling Offices will help to...

  • Notify you of current changes in programs and course offerings to help you decide how to continue your academic journey.
  • Ensure you take appropriate classes for your degree/certificate program of choice.
  • Advise you in choosing a balanced course-load to support your academic success.
  • Assist in double-checking that your courses are Financial Aid fundable if you are a student receiving financial aid!

Contact the Counseling Office nearest you to schedule an advising appointment! And please be sure to indicate if you’d like an in-person or distance appointment.

  • Manono Campus: Counseling Center (Hilo) - (808) 934-2720
  • Pālamanui Campus: Student Support Services (Kona) - (808) 969-8816