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Climate change researcher to speak at Pālamanui campus January 11, kicking off speakers series

Hawai'i Community College – Pālamanui will host a series of presentations by University of Hawai'i professors during the Spring 2017 semester. The President's Series, presented by the University of Hawai'i and the University of Hawai'i Foundation, will feature professors from UH Mānoa who are top researchers in their fields. The four presentations will cover climate change impacts on Hawai'i; the legacy of Hawaiian literature; coral reefs in Hawai'i; and research on Mauna Loa exploring what it would be like to live on Mars.

"We have heard from alumni and other friends that they would like to hear more about the exciting research and happenings at UH and we hope that these talks will be a meaningful way for us to share some of UH’s highlights," said University of Hawai'i President David Lassner.

The presentations are free. Please see the documents above for more information on the speakers, dates, times, and how to register for the event.