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Hawai'i CC celebrates cultures of the world during International Education Week

The winner of the International Photo Contest was Hawai'i CC student Madellan Richardson for her photo "Above the Clouds" taken in Pedavena, Italy.

Hawai‘i Community College celebrated International Education Week from Nov. 14-17, culminating in the popular “World Culture Night” event at the campus cafeteria in Hilo.

World Culture Night featured an International Photo Contest, food prepared by Hawai‘i CC’s Culinary Arts students, displays, a lecture by Hawai‘i CC professor Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō, a Korean mythology puppet show by Bonnie Kim, and more.

The winner of the photo contest was Hawai‘i CC student Madellan Richardson for her photo titled “Above the Clouds” taken in Pedavena, Italy. Attendees of World Culture Night voted for their favorite photos by ballot. Student Arna Goldstein won the contest to create the logo for the giveaway tote bags distributed at World Culture Night.

The theme of International Education Week 2016 at Hawai‘i CC was “Myths and Legends.”

There are 70 international students currently enrolled at Hawai‘i CC from countries such as Japan, Korea, Liberia and Venezuela. In addition, the college’s Intensive English Program provides non-credit English language instruction and comprehensive support services to international students.

International Education Week is a national initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to celebrate diversity, promote cultural awareness, and foster the development of global citizens. Hawai‘i CC has participated in International Education Week since 2011.

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