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Meeting Notes

April 13, 2006 – 9:00 AM Manono Campus Conference Room 6A


  1. Approve meeting notes from March 23

– Minutes were approved. Jennie will post on the website.


  1. Citations

–         Ellen and Osh discussed the two samples (A and B) that Ellen had previously distributed and that were sent out to all steering committee members.

–         After much discussion it was agreed that sample B was preferred. Hyperlinks will be used whenever possible. Standard chairs/co-chairs may just but the web address at this point. Beth can help with the hyperlinks in the final draft.

–         Questions by the Standard chairs/co-chairs and their committee members should be answered by Ellen; there is no need to go through any other persons; go directly to Ellen.


  1. Library

–         Ellen will be working on the library from now through two weeks after the close of the semester.

–         There was discussion about organization of the library, boxes, etc. It was agreed that Ellen should select what she felt comfortable with as long as it would make it easy for the ACCJC site visit. There was much discussion about “making it easy for the visiting team to find documents.”

–         Doug said the budget for library boxes, files, etc. should come from administration (Mike Leialoha) not the VCAA budget.

–         The filing system will include placeholders for online references and multiple citations of the same document

–         Osh said the library should be a permanent library. Not one created only for accreditation and then disassembled.

o        There was much discussion about this.

o        It was suggested that one of the standards should include as an action plan the establishment of a campus records management location/system and an archivist.


  1. Deadlines

–         The final draft should be sent to Jennie and Beth on May 2. They will forward it to the editors (Pam and Marilyn), Trina, and Ellen.

–         Pam plans to be finished with editing by June 2.

–         Marilyn plans to be finished with editing by June 9.

–         The following are dates posted on the accreditation website timeline:

May 2(T), 2006:         -Final Draft Completed

June 30(F), 2006:       -Obtain Signature

July 24(M), 2006:       -Final Document to be sent to the Printers 

September 2006:       -Final Document sent to the Commission

–         Pam suggested that writers need to try to be consistent when doing the final draft. Two examples she gave were

o        The change of the program review cycle from 3 to 4 years

o        The fate of the CCCMs is summarized on a chart provided by the system that was distributed to all division chairs by Doug.

–         Some CCCMs are being dropped; others will be reissued by the system; others will be issued at the college level


  1. Next meeting

–         April 28, 2006

–         9:00 AM Manono Campus Conference Room 6A