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Who should take ESL classes?

Reach for the sky together!

You should take our ESL classes if:

  • you learned another language before English, and
  • you have trouble reading and writing in English, and/or
  • you have trouble understanding written or spoken English

We recommend taking ESL reading, writing, and grammar classes at the same time.  The reason for this recommendation is because many of the skills that you learn in reading and grammar are needed in writing.  However, taking all three classes during the same semester is not required.

What are the differences between ESL classes and other English classes?

HawCC’s ESL classes have many benefits for speakers of other languages:

  • smaller class sizes
  • a comfortable learning environment
  • lots of individual support for every student, plus

ESL teachers:

  • use words that all students understand.
  • teach and explain lots of new vocabulary.
  • explain how to pronounce words.
  • teach grammar skills.
  • teach new information one step at a time.
  • explain cultural differences.

In ESL classes, everyone speaks another language (even the teachers), so students never need to worry about not fitting in.

ESL students can use the ESL lab to get extra help with:

  • how to use the computer,
  • how to write essays,
  • how to fix grammar mistakes, and
  • how to understand reading.