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GE Course Designation Process

Hawai'i Community College
General Education Course Designation Process

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA), in consultation with the Division/Department Chairs (DCs) and the Academic Senate’s ad hoc General Education (GE) Committee’s co-chairs, contacted discipline faculty to identify the priority of courses to be submitted for review during the week May 6, 2013-with a reminder sent on September 1, 2013.

GE Course Designation proposal steps

  1. A GE course designation proposal packet will be prepared by the proposer. The packet will include:
    1. Course Assessment Plan. After consultation with the department, the proposer and the DC will complete a Course Assessment Plan form (available on the Assessment web site) and submit it to the Assessment Coordinator for approval.
    2. Course Outline of Record. The proposer requests, via email, a current Course Outline of Record (COR), as defined in HAW 5.251, from the Curriculum Records Support (CRS) Specialist. The CRS Specialist will supply the COR; or, if a COR is unavailable, the Specialist will provide a Course Outline on File (COF).  The proposer will review the COR or COF for accuracy. If a course modification proposal is required, the proposer will follow campus procedures for updating the course outline on file. For a sample Course Outline on File (COF), click here for ENG 100. For a sample Course Outline of Record (COR), click here for ENG 100.
    3. GE Course Designation form. The proposer and the DC will complete the GE Course Designation form (available on the GE intranet web site) for a 100+ level credit course and sign it*. The GE Course Designation form requires evidence that indicates how specific assignments or activities support all of the benchmarks in the GE Learning Outcome being sought as the primary designation, how the course meets one of benchmarks for the Critical Thinking GE Learning Outcome, and how, if applicable, a course meets one of the benchmarks for an OPTIONAL second, Secondary Designation**.
    4. Course Articulation form. The proposer submits a completed Course Articulation form (available on the GE web site) to verify the course's current articulation status between HawCC and each campus in the University of Hawaiʻi System. Verification is determined by using the UH System Course Transfer Database located at For a sample Course Articulation form, click here for BOT 101 & BOT 101L
  2. The packet will be sent to a GE Committee co-chair. Formats and number of copies to be sent:
    • Course Assessment Plan approval page (i.e., signed by Assessment Coordinator)—paper (1 copy)
    • Course Outline of Record with verification (i.e., signed by Curriculum Records Support Specialist)—paper (1 copy)
    • GE Course Designation form (completed form signed by proposer and the DC)—paper (1 copy) and digital
    • Course Articulation form (completed with no signature required)—paper (1 copy)
  3. A co-chair will distribute the application package to the ad hoc GE Committee members for review. Upon approval by the Committee, the co-chairs will sign the form.
  4. Once a course is approved by the GE Committee, the co-chairs will submit a written request to the Academic Senate Chair to place the GE designated course on the next Academic Senate meeting agenda for endorsement.
  5. If the Senate endorses the course as being GE designated, the Academic Senate Chair signs the GE designated course form. If the Academic Senate does not endorse the course, the proposer may submit a revised proposal to a co-chair for consideration.
  6. The Academic Senate Chair sends the approved form to the VCAA for approval.
  7. The VCAA will seek a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with each UH campus to ensure transferability/articulation of the course in GE.
  8. If GE articulation MOUs are made for the course, the VCAA approves of the course as a GE designation unless there is a compelling reason not to do so. The VCAA will send the Academic Senate Chair a written explanation why the course will not be approved as a GE designation.
  9. If the VCAA approves the course for GE designation, the form is sent to the Chancellor for approval.
  10. Once the Chancellor has approved a GE designated course a notice will be sent from the Chancellor’s Office to the campus regarding the approved status of the course.
  11. Notes
    • The ad hoc GE co-chairs and committee members will facilitate, assist, and support discipline faculty through the GE course designation process.
    • The VCAA will oversee inclusion of the GE designated course in the next HawCC catalog and on the GE web site, and provide for the storage of the GE course designation archives.


Unanimously approved by the HawCC Academic Senate, September 27, 2013.
* Process unanimously amended by the Academic Senate, October 25, 2013 to include checkbox "A check here, which is required, indicates that all tenured/tenure-track faculty who have taught the course within the past 5 years approved this proposal"
**Process unanimously amended by the Academic Senate, January 31, 2014 to include the OPTIONAL second, Secondary Designation.