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A Word of Welcome

Aloha Tutors,

You are about to undergo an experience that will remain with you throughout your life. You will have the opportunity to share your expertise, assist others in practicing good study habits, and be a mentor to someone who needs your help.

Your challenge will be to:

  • Help others to help themselves by becoming independent learners
  • Share your study strategies and techniques so that your students will learn how to solve problems and study more effectively.

Aside from providing a valuable service to students, tutors will gain much in return. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn even more about your subject content;
  • Develop your own critical thinking and problem-solving to an even higher degree;
  • Gain skills and techniques to communicate clearly, logically and creatively;
  • Find yourself developing intellectually, psychologically and personally.

This handbook is designed with you in mind. It will be a general guide as well as provide you with tips on tutoring. If you need more guidance, always feel free to ask for assistance from anyone in The Learning Center (TLC).

Any feedback you may have regarding the effectiveness of your orientation to tutoring, as well as the results of your tutoring, is always welcome. Please feel free to ask a staff member at any time if you have any concerns, questions or problems.

Thank you very much for your commitment and dedication to helping students succeed in their studies.

The Learning Center staff

Hawai'i Community College
Phone: (808) 934-2530