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Writing Intensive Course Proposal Procedures

Deadline for FALL 2018 proposals to be submitted to WI Coordinator (with DC signature) is Monday, January 29, 2018

  1. The WI Coordinator will issue a call for proposals one semester before a course is scheduled to be offered.
  2. The Division Chair or WICC members will give interested instructors the materials below:  The first three items are available by clicking on the links below:
  3. An instructor proposing a new course will complete the "Request for Writing Intensive Designation" form and attach a syllabus that meets WI guidelines.  The instructor will submit these materials for approval to the Division Chair, who will then submit them to the WI Coordinator.
  4. The WICC and the division chair will follow these guidelines when approving instructors.
    • BOTH the proposed course and instructor must be approved for a WI course designation.  Approval is, therefore, instructor specific.
    • Lecturers may propose writing intensive courses but must understand that the actual scheduling of courses is dependent on availability of funds.
  5. The WICC will promptly review all WI course proposals and syllabi to make sure that they meet the established WI guidelines according to the Evaluation Procedures for WI Courses (link above) and Checklist for Proposals.
  6. WI recommendations will be sent to the:
    • Instructor
    • Division Chair
    • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    • Faculty Senate via the Senate Chair
  7. Once approved by the WICC, the course and instructor will be added to the Active WI Course List.  The WICC Chair will give the updated list to the Division Chairs and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  8. Division Chairs and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will work with instructors to decide which active WI courses to offer as WI each semester and will schedule accordingly.
  9. At the end of each semester, the WICC will evaluate each WI course that was offered according to the established guidelines.
  10. If a WI course on the Active List has not been offered as WI for five years or more, the course/instructor will be listed as inactive.  An inactive course must be renewed by submitting another proposal form to the WICC.

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