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CRC procedure DRAFT [PDF]

NEW KSCM (Kuali Student Curriculum Management)

Curriculum Central Archived Data

Guidelines For Evaluating Course Proposals

Submission Dates:

KSCM How-To-Guides:Proposals & Reports:

Curriculum Timeline for 2018-2019:

DC approval eff. Spring semesterSept 1st 2017
Chancellor approvalOct 1st
DC approval eff. Fall semesterFeb 1st 2018
Chancellor approvalMarch 1st


Fast Track: (system alignment and rec prep only)Date
DC approvalDec 1st
VCAA approvalDec 31st


Regular Curriculum:Date
Begin to input proposal(s) into KSCMJan 2017
DC approvalMay 1st
Review by Deans and DC'sJune
Review by Deans, Banner Support, Curriculum Support, STAR coordinatorJuly-Aug
CRC review and approvalAug - Dec
Final Senate approvalDec
Chancellor approvalDec 31st

Fall 2017 Proposals:

Fall 2016 Proposals:

Fall 2016 Memos:

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Proposals:

Curriculum Review Committee Members Academic Year 2017-2019

Current MembersDepartmentTerm EndsOffice LocationE-mailPhone #
Janet SmithEarly Childhood Educ (Committee Chair)May 2019MC 3393-116janetasm@hawaii.edu934-2539
Jack MinassianSocial Science/ Public ServiceMay 2018MC 383-125jackm@hawaii.edu934-2617
Mitchell SoaresATEMay 2018UHH Building 323 Room 114soaresmk@hawaii.edu934-2678
Reshela DuPuisGSSSMay 2018MC 388-108reshelad@hawaii.edu934-2649
Bernhard LaurichMath/ Natural ScienceMay 2018PB 1-9laurich@hawaii.edu934-2620
Robyn KalauliEnglishMay 2019PB1-5robyng@hawaii.edu934-2537
Tracy KanaheleHumanitiesMay 2019MC 389B-107tracyk@hawaii.edu934-2605
Laura HillNursing & Allied HealthMay 2019MC 383-214hill24@hawaii.edu934-2653