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Academic Support Unit

Mission of the Academic Support Unit
The Academic Support Unit (ASU) supports the needs of instructional programs, as well as academic support units to promote student learning in curricular and co-curricular endeavors.

Academic Support Unit (ASU) Unit Outcomes
ASU Unit Outcomes are developed by each (sub) unit, and are listed below.

NameLocationE-mailPhone #Title
Banner Support
  1. provides accurate and timely updates to the college catalog.
  2. provides accurate and timely updates to the Banner database.
  3. provides Banner System training for clerical staff.
Sherrie Ann
Education Specialist
Computer Services
  1. provides and maintains information technology college-wide.
  2. supports system-wide information technology initiatives.
Stephen SchulteMC 387-105schulte@hawaii.edu934-2570
IT Specialist
Cathy NishieMC 387-105cnishie@hawaii.edu934-2570Office Assistant IV
Joy AitoMC 387-105jaito@hawaii.edu934-2570IT Specialist
O. Scot RosehillMC 387-105scot.rosehill@hawaii.edu934-2570IT Specialist
Glenn ProctorMC 387-105gproctor@hawaii.edu934-2570IT Specialist
Brett OkajimaMC 387-105bokajima@hawaii.edu934-2570IT Specialist
Curriculum Support
  1. provides resources and services to faculty and staff to manage and maintain the College’s curriculum information.
  2. works with faculty and staff to ensure that the curriculum information stored in the College’s curriculum management software system is current, accurate, and complete.
Shyann ViernesCH-10shyannv@hawaii.edu934-2524Education Specialist - Curriculum
Data Technology Support
  1. will provide accurate data in a timely manner.
  2. will extract secondary data to generate reports requested from administration, faculty and staff.
  3. will create and maintain local user databases.
  4. will develop applications to extract and analyze data as required.
Jason SantosCH-10jhsantos@hawaii.edu934-2645IT System Programmer
Edwin H. Mookini Library
  1. The student will evaluate information and its sources critically (UHCC common SLO).
  2. The library will provide an introduction on how to find and evaluate information.
  3. The library will provide access to resource materials.
Lari-Anne AuLibrary LRC 235Blarianne@hawaii.edu932-7510Hawaiʻi Community College Librarian
Institutional Assessment Office
  1. provides training and support to develop, align, and assess institutional, unit, program and course outcomes.
  2. maintains and publishes assessment documentation and reports.
  3. collaborates with administrators, divisions/departments/units leadership and faculty/staff to provide assessment activities that foster continuous improvement.
Reshela DuPuis, Ph.D.346-130reshelad@hawaii.edu934-2649Institutional Assessment Coordinator
Institutional Research Office
  1. will communicate a clear process for requesting data, information, and services to the campus.
  2. will provide data, training, and support to the College for Annual and Comprehensive Program & Unit Reviews.
  3. provides data and information to the campus.
Instructional Technology Support Office
  1. Faculty will be increasingly comfortable integrating current instructional technology into curriculum due to the Instructional Technology Support Office’s Laulima training and support.
  2. The online faculty, department chairs and administration will have clear and current information about distance education.
Leanne Urasaki346-109lurasaki@hawaii.edu934-2647ITSO - Instructional Technology Developer
The Learning Center and Hale Kea Advancement and Testing Center
  1. Students who receive tutoring will pass their tutored course (System-wide SLO).
  2. TLC/HKATC will provide- tutoring services for students to support their academic success.
  3. TLC/HKATC will provide computer access for students.
  4. HKATC will provide the College and community with testing services.
Lisa Fukumitsu334-LCR-117fukumits@hawaii.edu934-2535Interim Learning Center Coordinator
Ian PilagoMC 387pilago@hawaii.edu934-2542Hale Kea Testing Center Manager
Cathy Nishie334-LCRcnishie@hawaii.edu934-2570Office Assistant IV
Lori-Ann FloresMC 387loriannf@hawaii.edu934-2540Education Specialist
Media Services (Hilo)
  1. provides and maintains media and media services to faculty, staff and students to help them accomplish their tasks and mission.
  2. completes trouble calls and problem resolution as rapidly as possible, to reduce down-time for instruction and school operation.
Neal UeharaMC 386-5nealu@hawaii.edu934-2563Media Design & Production
Joeseph ZappalaMC 386-5jzappala@hawaii.edu934-2563Media Design & Production
Web Support
  1. assists units and departments to meet the College's webpage needs.
  2. provides continuous support and improvement of the HawaiiCC web site by responding to faculty and staff in an effective and timely manner.
  3. provides a long range vision and strategy of the HawaiiCC web site which embodies current trends and emerging technologies.
Daniel FernandezCH-10danielpf@hawaii.edu934-2643Web Developer
Pālamanu Library and Learning Center
  1. The student will evaluate information and its sources critically (UHCC common SLO).
  2. The library will provide an introduction on how to find and evaluate information.
  3. The library will provide access to resource materials.
Laurel GregoryWH B2lgregory@hawaii.edu969-8830Librarian
Karen AuWH B2karenau@hawaii.edu969-8830Educ Spec