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5 Signs You Need a Tutor*

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Sign #1: Your Homework is Epic!

You're used to spending an hour or two on homework, but begin to spend several hours.  Why?
Do you have a big project or is the same homework load taking twice as long? In subjects like math and science,
concepts build on one another. Missing just one concept can have a snowball effect, and you may need some extra help.

Sign #2: Help Me!

Most students need help at least once a week with homework. Usually, you get that help from school resources, a friend, or a teacher. However, if you start needing more help than usual—and find your normal go-to people can't help—you might want to consider visiting a tutor.

Sign #3: You Hate Everything!

We know the feeling: You hate school. You hate your teacher. You hate algebra. If you generally like school (untill now), then "I hate this" could be code for "I don't get this."

Sign #4: Hard Work But No Reward.

You've been doing your homework diligently and study for every test, but your grades on homework and quizzes are down. When you're really putting in the effort, but not seeing the grades you usually get, then it's time to pinpoint the problem and get some extra help.

Sign #5: Shut-down Mode.

If you just can't seem to concentrate on school, start handing in assignments late, or blow off your homework, it's time to get a tutor. Students who completely shut down and stop trying have gotten so frustrated that they just give up. A little help can get you back on track.

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*Taken from The Princeton Review at