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Pu'uhonua Forum (hosted by Hawai'i CC AJ Club)

Feb/27 17:00 - Feb/27 19:00

Manono Campus Bldg. 388 Room 101 and 102

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Manono Campus Bldg. 388 Room 101 and 102

Attendees can learn about reintegration efforts at the state level and at the local level here in East Hawai'i and here on campus at Hawai'i CC.  Increasingly inmates released from prison at some point and time will realize that higher education can help them realign their lives in positive ways.  However being a college student ordinarily can be challenging in itself.  For reentering citizens enrolled at Hawai'i CC, attending college can be overwhelming at times.  Pu`uhonua at Hawai'i CC can offer support to these students. Please RSVP on or before February 23, 2018 to Donna Madrid ( or Leah Castillias (   

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